Friday, March 12, 2010

I Want an Office!

For years now, I have dreamed of having my own office! No more sharing with the Hubby while at home trying to blog or trying to do my spring shopping. No more sharing with the accountant while at work while she's trying to pay the bills and pay the employees (like me)! I guess I should not complain because it certainly beats sitting at Starbucks. Talk about not being able to get anything done...Whew!

Image from House Beautiful

While in Nashville, my so called office was up in the attic. I was freezing in the winter and sweating like mad in the summer, so I don't even really even count that. Anyway, I've always admired both offices (above & below) by Ruthie Sommers. I attempted the sawhorse desk (see Williams Sonoma Home) while living in Nashville for my attic office. But I was a little too cheap to actually buy that sleek sawhorse desk...which can be expensive. I even called a few glass people and got some quotes, and kept my eyes open for a pair of sawhorses, which, unfortunately, I never found. So, yes, I still need a desk of my own. Last year sometime I did focus my attention to finding myself a desk, but then I started thinking that I wanted something more rustic like a farm tabl--go figure!

Office by by Ruthie Sommers and image from Style Court

If I can't have a whole office maybe I can a least get a this. Add some pretty wallpaper and a bamboo chair and voila! To think that I had my hands on a chair just like that a few months ago at a consignment store. Image from Better Homes & Garden

Image from Martha Stewart

And at this point in time, I'll settle for a wall with a beautiful bulletin board and the parsons desk from West Elm, which is much more affordable. I've thought about that desk too for the last few years. I just need to make my mind up because the Hubby and the accountant are getting on my nerves! Just kidding....not!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yellow Please!

Laundry Room from Cottage Living

I love the color yellow. In my first house, I experimented quite a bit with it. In fact, the day we closed on the house (Oct 31st, Halloween day) I was way too busy tearing down wallpaper in the kitchen to take time out for the trick-or-treaters who were knocking at my door! My painter was coming soon, and that was much more important because I wanted my yellow walls. However, it turned out that it wasn't a great yellow for that room... way too 'mustardy'! I hated it! The kitchen only had one window so it was just too dark. But...I kept experimenting with the color yellow and I'm proud to say I did get my little powder room right. We wallpapered it in a golden yellow floral wallpaper.

Another room that I think I got right was a boring square box living room, which I painted more of a soft buttery yellow, and used the color red as an accent (red plates, a few red toile pillows, etc.). When the real estate agents came to voice their opinion, they said to repaint the room. However, after six years of painting each room several times, I was quite tired, and knew that little room needed something and just left it to see how it would go. Guess what? the lady who was purchasing the house told me herself that she loved that color yellow.

Kate Spade...dying to do a room like this one day!

Anyway, I'm currently working on a few projects for myself and a few clients, and I'm eyeing Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow, Golden Straw and Farrow & Ball's Dayroom Yellow.

But untill I get the perfect yellow room, I'll keep admiring my napkins from Boston International. I've only had them since my New Years day open house (see New Years Day Open House).

I don't know about you? but I'm ready for the daffodils!