Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brooke Shields New York Townhouse

After yesterday's  post  - Brooke finding zen at the Container Store, pretty boxes and steamer trunks got me thinking of Brooke's beautiful New York townhome that was featured in March 2012 issue of Architectural Digest.  I've long admired Brooke Shields from her days as Suddenly Susan, to her many Broadway stints...even read her book "Down Came the Rain".  It left me with the impression that she certainly seems like a real person. Last year while poking around in an antique store, I stumbled upon an Architectural Digest which, believe it or not, I normaly don't buy. They sent me a deal I couldn't resist! When I picked A/D up at first, I didn't receongize it was Brooke Shields (who looked great, by the way, on the cover). So while I glanced through her New York townhome I knew I had to grab it.

Just a few weeks ago while browsing through my many magazines -  it's what I do on my Sunday morning - I had to revist Brooke's home.  I love many things but especaily the traditional mixed with the modernism.  To see all the pics go here.  Here are a few of my favorites.

The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray.  Normally I would be scared to go that dark but I  love it...very dramatic!   I love the symmetry of the room, the contrast of the paint with the beautiful molding.  Love that they covered the Louis XVI  chairs  in a light fabric. Love the Lucite table.  Hey, I even have that jute rug.   I bet this is where she goes for a night cap after one of her plays...I know I would!!

Love the traditional  English sideboard with the modern lamps. Can't forget the Zuber wallpaper!!

I love how she carved out a little nook for her own personal study.  Love the  beautiful molding, the natural light and French doors of course!

Brooke's Master suite and bathroom. - Love it!

Her Hubby gave her the Louis Vuitton trunk as a gift.  On a side note, my buddy Cruella and I were out antiquing a couple of weeks ago and came across one.   I made a comment to the sales assistant (as if I could buy it) and she said it was 12,000.00 and  pointed out that it was from England.  She commented that the price depends on were it was made, France or England. All in all...love Brooke's New York  home!  I just wish they would of shown a few pics of her little girl's playroom that she said was on the top floor..perhaps next time!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Containing our Clutter

I was watching The Today Show this morning and caught  a few minutes of Brooke Shields (who's co-hosting this week) she revealed that she finds zen at The Container Store. This caught my full attention, as I can relate about the zen part at the Container.  The boxes the staff later brought out looked liked a few of the boxes that  I just bought last Monday. I'm definitely not a type A person but containing our stuff  is something that I've only been trying to do for years now.  

From 2002 to now  Hubby and I have moved  a mere ten times. With each and every move, I would pitch more and more.  When we sold our first house in 2002 I had a massive garage sale.  Unfortunately, this is when I made the mistake and made Hubby get rid of his huge album collection. Since turntables tend to be a trending now, I offered to buy him one for Christmas last year. He wanted no part of it because I made him get rid of his prize Led Zeppelin collection.  

Last Thursday evening, as I was planning out my Friday, it went  sort of like this -  go to work, hit the paint store, go home, go for a jog, empty closet. Trying to empty our filled-to-the-brim closets and getting organized was crucial!  I had guys coming first thing this morning, to start my ceiling smoothing process and I didn't want a mess on our stuff.  So I panicked Friday and stayed home from work, thinking to myself, this won't take long, I'm pretty organized.   I'll be able to clear out my office, Hubby's office, guest room, and gather up all the books thrown  in linen closets.  Plus, I can hit the paint store all before Friday afternoon traffic.

Will it didn't exactly happen that way!  Since the beginning of the year I've been going through my office.  Finally last week I broke down and bought a filing cabinet.  Unfortunately, since I receive almost every design magazine out there, I finally had to say goodbye to my old Southern Accents.  Trust me,  I had a hard time letting them go.  Of course, before pitching them, I had to to poke through each one just to make sure I didn't miss anything. After spending most of the afternoon browsing through them, half the day was shot.  But, you know what? I found a few things in one house I'll post tomorrow if I can find my scanner.    

Anyway, as I made my way to Hubby's office feeling so great, having just trimmed twenty years away worth of  old bank statement and such, and as I started to  empty out Hubby's closet, I found  a box which I thought was suppose to be his old  boy scout stuff.  Hmmm he had been holding out on me.  Our 90's tax returns and his old bank statements from college were thrown in the box. Needless to say, I was not very happy with Hubby.  After all, I had already returned the shredder back to work.  As I counted his huge tape collection, not wanting to make the same mistake that I had with his albums, I took inventory of how many old vintage steamer trunks  and suitcases I would need to store all his stuff.   Too bad, a few months ago I had my hands on this one above one but  missed out.   But you know what?  I'll find him a couple of goods ones, you wait and see!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Southern Living's Figgy Focaccia

Fig time!!  Here's a recipe that I recalled seeing in last year's August issue of Southern Living. This Figgy Focaccia recipe - that they point out  you can turn it  into a pizza by adding grated fontina cheese and dry salami.  Sounds good to me!   It reminds me of a pizza that Hubby and I used to order (unfortunately, the Italian restaurant closed so now we'll have to make our own).  You know, funny thing is, I even have a fig tree outside my kitchen door, but the figs are reserved for all my many woodland creatures...more on that later!  I have to get back to picking out paint colors for Hubby's office..he's a picky client!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bouquet Time!

My little Ellie girl was extremely happy and frisky for her walk this morning! Because?  It was like fall here in Atlanta.  This past weekend, I was going through a few of my Southern Living magazines and remembered this!  I love this coffee tin-inspired vase.  In case the print is too small to read, let me summarize.  The coffee tin-inspired vase is by Astier De Villatte from ABC Home. Though for a similar look, which I'm going to try because I always try to keep a few of my Target coffee tins around, they point out, to get a similar look, apply several thin coats of satin-finish spray paint to a tin can. Then just  place your flowers in a vase within.  Love it!! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grasscloth Wallpaper Please!

I really want to use grasscloth wallpaper in my office. Love this  office (above) that I spotted in  Habitually Chic's new  book  Creativity at Work.  I'm just a little torn between the two colors!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everyone Wants a Monogrammed Mug!

I was getting my hair done the other day, and my hairdresser, Crystal, and I were commiserating about how bad the weather is here in Atlanta.  It's early August and her little girls just had their first day back to  school. Crystal commented, "Christmas will be here before you know it"!  Which brings me to today's post...monogrammed mugs! I mentioned these to Crystal last year for teacher's gifts, and such.  I gave several out myself for the holidays.  I made out my shopping list, walked into Anthropologie, gave them my list, they wrapped.  How easy is that? Let's see, I gave one to my boss, co-workers, a few friends, a few as hostess gifts and my Mother-in-law.  I even bought myself one..I always try have my afternoon coffee in it! :)

It seems everyone loved them -  my boss who is extremely busy even called me and commented on them.  The year before I had given them gift certificates to tea at the Ritz, but something told me  they liked the mugs more!  Go figure!  Now, Mother-in-Law, honestly not so much,  but, it's my  Mother-in-law.

Also, last year, I wanted these mugs from Pottery Barn but waited too long and missed out.  By the way, I was in there the other day and noticed that they restocked.  Love them, each alphabet is different. I would love a set of these.  Perhaps, I may get Hubby a set for his bathroom coffee bar, if it ever gets done!  He was pestering me how he wanted a monogrammed mug like mine. Funny, Mother-In-law also scored the one from Pottery Barn last Christmas as well. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping at the Crew!

I've been shopping at J. Crew for years, to the point where the sales assistants are lurking around to see if I have a young teenage daughter in tow..hmmm!  Though each year I pick up a few things here  and there.  A couple of Fridays ago I had a few minutes after work before I had to pick Ellie up from doggie day care so I popped in.   Just a few days before I had  been pillaging their summer sales. Scored the Biennial Satchel in warm ash... not bad for $102.7.  It will definitely take me into fall.  Plus it's a nice to change to all the brown bags I have. I wanted the Tartine satchel in black but missed that one. Also, scored the refined silk cashmere wrap for around $15.00.  I almost bought that back in May for a lot more!  But after leaving J.Crew that afternoon, I was most happy...my list

1. Andie chino in Fatigue - I'm even going to order them in petites...fingers crossed!
2. Dress Placket in Hammock green - Love the dress and the color!
3. Jacket boyfriend Fatigue in Olive Drab - More on that later!
4. Jeweled Sateen Shell -  Discoverd after date night tonight need more shells!
5. Perfect Fit Ballet Button T. - I usually do the vinatage v-neck but want to try this.
6. CeCe Leather Ballet Flats in both black and Burnt Sienna.
7.  Etta suede Pumps - ?

So there you have it...and you know what?  I just think back to the Lauren Hutton days! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On My Mind!

I'm currently working on basically our entire upstairs this past weekend, I seemed to be in a serious decision-making mood!   I had all my  inspiration pics scattered in Hubby's bathroom and I even measured his floor.  And then, I pulled out Victoria Hagan's book, which I bought  a few years ago.  And, yes, I do choose by the cover...kinda sorta! No seriously, it's a beautiful cover, but I love all the beautiful millwork shown throughout, and love the book. I really love this bathroom...classic!  By the way, as I was taking a break from painting our guest room, I went over to Waterworks to look for the sinks above, and disscovered the Barbara Sallick's blog.  Couldn't read everything because I had to get back to work, but will indeed check back since I'm always doing bathrooms.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Office!

A few years ago I wrote this "I want an Office"!  For twenty-one months now, we've been in our current house.  After carving out a master bedroom, an office/man-cave for Hubby, and a guest room, their is actually a small room left over for an office for me!  Currently it's a room holding all my magazines and bills, thrown in bakers boxes.  Here's what I need:

1. Desk - Most important...one would think.   I've been waffling between three...
2. Chandelier- Not the most important thing but I can't stand the dated ceiling fan in there now!
3. Credenza - To store some more of  my magazines.
4.  Shredder - I'm the bill payer - tired of borrowing the one from work that doesn't really work!
5.  Wallpaper - Yes, I'm treating myself to wallpaper, probably Grass cloth.
6.  Frank -  I need Frank to come and buzz the ceiling and add molding- like above.
7.  And most importanly - A filing cabinet - Just something so wrong with our whole life in a bakers box...Don't you think?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Country Living's Caramelized Leek and Bacon Pizza!

The weather here in the south is dreadful… rain, rain and more rain. The upside my Hunter Ballet flats have turned out to be a good investment (see “I Need Shooz”). The downside is I’m never going to get my house painted!   The weather here is more like fall than the sticky hot dogs days of summer that we all know. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, yes, I miss those dog days! A few people that I know, such as hubby, don't seem to mind, because it’s not nearly as hot as it could be. When I complain, he quickly reminds me of when we lived in Nashville and they had record breaking Bagdad-style heat waves. For me, I want a little heat, a few bugs but, most importantly, I want my sun! Another downer with all the rain is the poor fruit harvest. I wanted to talk about peaches, blackberries, tomatoes--you name it!
Yesterday evening, I was watching the nightly news and the reporter held up two peaches and one looked like it came from a lab experiment because of all the rain. My yard has been nicknamed Jurassic Park...but enough about all the rain…Pizza Time!

My friend Colleen and her hubby do pizza every Friday night, and she has yet to share one of her fabulous recipes--that's a hint, Colleen!  Hubby and I don’t do pizza every Friday night because I have him on South beach from time to time. Though, I found this Caramelized – Leek and Bacon pizza recipe in Country Living and love it! It’s a little different because of the caramelized leeks and the mascarpone. P.S. I buy Trader Joes whole wheat dough.