Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping at the Crew!

I've been shopping at J. Crew for years, to the point where the sales assistants are lurking around to see if I have a young teenage daughter in tow..hmmm!  Though each year I pick up a few things here  and there.  A couple of Fridays ago I had a few minutes after work before I had to pick Ellie up from doggie day care so I popped in.   Just a few days before I had  been pillaging their summer sales. Scored the Biennial Satchel in warm ash... not bad for $102.7.  It will definitely take me into fall.  Plus it's a nice to change to all the brown bags I have. I wanted the Tartine satchel in black but missed that one. Also, scored the refined silk cashmere wrap for around $15.00.  I almost bought that back in May for a lot more!  But after leaving J.Crew that afternoon, I was most list

1. Andie chino in Fatigue - I'm even going to order them in petites...fingers crossed!
2. Dress Placket in Hammock green - Love the dress and the color!
3. Jacket boyfriend Fatigue in Olive Drab - More on that later!
4. Jeweled Sateen Shell -  Discoverd after date night tonight need more shells!
5. Perfect Fit Ballet Button T. - I usually do the vinatage v-neck but want to try this.
6. CeCe Leather Ballet Flats in both black and Burnt Sienna.
7.  Etta suede Pumps - ?

So there you have it...and you know what?  I just think back to the Lauren Hutton days! 

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