Thursday, February 27, 2014

Discovering...The Skinny Fork!

Remember when I wrote this and then this! Well look what I discovered from The Skinny Fork and Guess what?  No brown sugar required!  How do you like that? "Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies"  I really need another snow day or two to read through all the recipes they have because those lemon bars are catching my eye as well.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Burberry For My Toes!

I've been wanting to try this Burberry polish for sometime... love the bottle! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Boot Dilemma!

The past year or so I've had a  shooz dilemma ( I Need Shooz! ), this time... it's boots.  It's almost March and most women have moved on to espadrilles and  strappy sandals.  For me, I've been shopping for boots since last fall and quite frankly, I'm sick of it!  After all, it's no easy task! It rates right up there with trying on swim suits in my book.    

Here's one little dilemma -  Black Friday I rushed out to Banana Republic and grabbed a pair of ankle boots.  They were  holding basic black for me but  I ended up walking out  the door with a light color suede that I thought were better looking.  That same day, I wore them to meet my buddy Cruella for lunch at the Buckhead Diner and realized the color was way too light, and I would probably be limited in wearing them. So I ordered a pair from J.Crew in black. Much better--I've worn these a lot already.   But, now with our vacation which will probably be to Montreal, I feel like I could use another pair or two.  But packing them is a whole nother story.

I have a question..."Just how many pairs of boots does one need for the winter season? Here's what I came up...

  • Riding boots -  in brown, black and suede. Mine are left over from four years ago with a square toe!
  • Ankle boots -  with just the perfect size heel to head out for everyday. In brown, black, and suede.
  • Ankle booties - to wear with skirts and tights.
  • Over the knee boots -  Which  I love!  But not a chance here - I'm too short!
  • Boots -  that hit just above the knee in brown, black, and suede.
  • Biker boots - I saw a pair earlier & missed out.  Would have loved them for last year trip to Santa Fe!
You know, storing boots is not easy task either but that's a different subject now, isn't it?

I'm contemplating these from Kate Spade
My zipper!
Maybe I'll be done in July!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ahhh...The Color Green!

I'm  currently working on putting together a few boards for Pinterest and I figured I would start with the color green.  After all, it's my favorite color! Here are just a few pictures that I've selected so far.  Starting with above Rolle my beloved little Basset Hound who is plopped on my my newly reupholstered sofa. I know the picture is a little blurry, but I love the look he's giving me. He was not happy that I was disturbing his nap! 

Next - Ellie  perched on one of my favorite Waverly fabrics!  

Here's my old cottage in Nashville. I Never get tired of looking at the Farrow & Ball wallpaper!

Our 2012 Vacation to Longwood Garden in the Brandywine Valley. Absolutely stunning garden!

My Hunter Willies

To My Kate Spade bag that I use for date night! 
Please stay tuned...much more to come!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Organizing My Office

I woke this past Saturday, not unlike any other Saturday morning, ran downstairs grabbed a cup of coffee (Hubby is off on Sat) grabbed my netbook to shop and read blogs. Pretty much, like I always do. Though, I'm still shopped out and realized it was high time to organize all my pictures from the last six or so years.  Sometimes, I think that I've been living under a rock or so it seems.   

But after all this time, I've decided to clean up my act, and quit being the incognito and inconspicous blogger I have been, perhaps I'll even join Pinterst.  And who knows, maybe I'll even tweet.  As far as Facebook is concerned,  now that's a different story.  You'll have to drag me kicking and screaming!  

In the weeks ahead I'm getting my files organized info structured sets, and  making some much needed changes to good old Southern Inspirations.  Perhaps now that I'm motivated, I'll even get my office above (My Office),  that's missing it's chair rail and other necessities, done.  But now that's a different subject...isn't it?

By the way, my name is Lisa

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Almost Daffodil Time!


The weather here in Atlanta over the past few days has been unseasonably warm.  I seem to no longer have visions of escaping to Sochi to escape the ice, snow and  freezing cold.  What's even better,  just this morning,  I've noticed a few daffodils popping up.  And speaking of daffodils, early fall last year, September 2, (Hubby's  birthday to be exact)  my in-laws took Hubby and I to Gibbs Gardens for my belated birthday present.  Don't ask...Hubby enjoyed it too.  My mother-in-law had a membership and had been several times before, so she knew the ropes and filled me in.  The biggest thing that got my attention was the massive waves of daffodils.  I told myself we would return in March for the 20 million daffodils.  I've been looking forward to this for a while as you can imagine... can't wait!  

By looking at the video I personally think it will give Martha a  little run for her money.  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The New York Times & The Perfect Tote

One would think that, with all our snow days here in Atlanta, that I would have our vacation booked, planned, and scheduled.  In January, when things started slowing down a bit, I did start to think about where we should go.  My first constraint - somewhere new!  Second constraint - something we can afford!  Third - somewhat interesting! After talking to some well traveled friends, I came up with...
Stockholm, Sweden. Haven't been to Europe in a good while. And we've never been to the Scandinavian countries, and I wouldn't mind checking out the Ice Hotel.  Though I think it will be melted by May... our arrival time.
Montreal, Quebec - We've been to the Vancouver, British Columbia area but never Montreal.  Perhaps Hubby could practice his French.
Costa Rica - Cost Rica has been on our list now for the last ten or so years. 
Now with all the cold, Arctic weather that we've had here we're starting to have reservations  about  the first two spots.  Over Mexican food, last Saturday, Hubby and I read through the New York Times 52 places to Go in 2014.  It's a unique list, so if you're like us and haven't booked a destination yet check it out. "It gets you to think"... as Hubby said.  I've added #7 - Ecuador - home to the Galapagos Islands to our list.  Should be an easy sale to Hubby.  He would love to see those turtles!

On a quick side note -  Before one of our last flights, there was a torrential downpour.  I stepped into the security line drenched feeling like a wet rat.  Of course, right next to me was but a trendy, stylish, well traveled lady with her Tory Burch flats and this Longchamp's Tote that I couldn't take my eyes off of.  I immediately had visions of Harry Potter's Hermione reaching into her tote and pulling out her pop-up tent and other bulky items that we all hate to lug.  So regardless of where we end up, I'm getting this for my carry-on.  It's lightweight, and nylon, hence easy to clean, water-resistant, and  a classic!  What more could I ask for?  Perhaps a sale would be nice.  Now if I'm hiking through the rain forest or hitting the city streets, I'm set and I won't feel like a wet rat with a ruined tote!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stocking Up My Bathroom!

January, and sometimes even well into February, I always like to try to rejuvenate myself.  As the saying goes ...New Year -  New You!  But by March, I'm bored with  the process and move on to my garden.  Anyway, back in January, I read this "Pajama Party" and it got me to thinking.  So I decided on a nightshirt because the pajama  pants would  never work for me...I'm just way too short.  AlthoughHabitually Chic said to have them altered, which I would probably never do, and they would drag the floor and drive me crazy like my old Brooks Brothers.  So a new night shirt is in order for me in the pretty hydrangea color.  Of course, the medium has been on back order for a good while.  Also, spotted the one below from Tink And Tiger for just a wee  bit more.  And besides, a pretty night shirt  would be good for traveling--who could argue with that.  Hubby hates it when I steal his t-shirts!

Next item -The  Clarisonic - I'm probably one of the few women who does not own one of these.  Also, after being snowed in last week, this would be great to pamper myself! Don't you think? I normally do organizational things around the house while snowed in...forget that!

A then a few weeks ago on the Today Show, they did they best anti aging products for under 100 my attention!  So far, I bought Vichy Cellu Destock.   And  I have to admit, I like it and will buy another bottle just as soon as I get off austerity.  Hubby asked why I spent 100 at CVS.  I said I was stocking up my bathroom! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sale Time!

Tommorow is  Monday, February 17th - President's Day meaning among one extremely important thing...sales.  I, for one, missed the Winter White sales this past January -- way too busy doing this here!  Now that I'm done with that, I personally need sheets, pillows, towels.  In the kitchen, we're in  desperate need of white plates, that is, if we ever plan on having more then three people over for dinner.  We could also use a few new pots, especially after Hubby scorched one while making hot cocoa this past week!  I Just got this in my email from Bloomingdale's.  It's really too bad that we're  suppose to be on austerity.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Simple Valentine's Dinner for the Snowed in!

Boy...being snowed in these last couple of days got me thinking.   I had a  delicious  looking risotto that I wanted to try, but after being snowed in I discovered that I was missing  white truffle oil..  How would I ever pull that off?  I even went to go make oatmeal cookies and discovered I was out of one of the main ingredients - brown sugar.  Who runs out of brown sugar?

Note to self - Pick up brown sugar to have on hand for next snow day a couple years from now!

Note to self - Pick up the best quality white truffle oil I can afford!

As I was searching our's what came to mind.  White Bean Puree from my favorite book - Great Settings.  With ingredients most of us should have on hand. Perhaps, I better check for sage, Hubby been messing around with my spices!

White Bean Puree

2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 Garlic Clove, minced
3 sage leaves, chopped
1 can cannellini beans - Drained
Chicken Stock
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Extra - Virgin Olive Oil for Garnish
Sage Leaves For Garnish

Place the oil and garlic in a skillet and cook over medium heat until the garlic is fragrant.  Add the chopped sage and cook for a minute.  Add the beans and enough stock to barely cover, season to taste with salt and pepper, and bring to a simmer.  Cook for about 10 minutes.  Place in the bowl of a food processor and blend until smooth.  Spoon the puree out onto a platter, drizzle with olive oil, and garnish with sage leaves.  From "Great Settings"

Now the only thing  you have to do is pop open a bottle of wine--the one thing I make sure we never run out of--and get out your candelabra! 

Happy Valentines!!!

A Green Velvet Sofa...A Must!

The other day when I posted "A New York Apartment" what  really got my eye about the apartment was the above beautiful green sofa.  Green is my favorite color, just in case you didn't know.  It's just got me thinking about green velvet sofas. 

Here's Tory Burch gorgeous green sofa.   Love the wall color too!

Here's one I spotted in Martha Stewart in Emerald green from Room and Board

Oh, here's my green velvet sofa from Ballard's in Ellie's chipmunk room.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hubby In The Garden!

Just this past Sunday, I was out in my  garden pondering a good spring clean-up.  Ordering pine straw, trimming overgrown English Ivy, weeding etc.  All while thinking to myself, spring is just around the corner...oh joy!   

I bought the above Helleborus over the holidays, last minute at Traders Joes.   We were having my in-laws over and I needed a center piece, something not too fussy and that I didn't have to get my garden shears out to trim, and that I could drop in my soup tureen.  Something easy!  While checking out, the Trader Joe's sales clerk happen to be a landscape gardener,  Lucky Me!   She warned me that it would need to come in below freezing until I could get it into the ground. I took the above picture just before Hubby plopped it into the ground this past Sunday.  More then a month later...I hope he makes it!!

A little Pick Me Up!

It's Wednesday and we are now in day two of our winter weather storm. Currently I'm sitting in my office watching it sleet.  We still have power so far...fingers crossed. If we do lose power I have enough candles to last a few days.  Errr.. don't even want to think about that!  But as I said yesterday, I'm going to make the most of  our hibernation.    Hubby, not so much, he already has cabin fever and has been asleep on our sofa since 11:00  this morning.  For little Ellie, well she's bored too, not even a squirrel or a chipmunk to bark at.  She just sits in front of the window staring out.    

Anyway, Wednesday is "Girl Stuff"  and here's one thing that has been on my mind dry skin, particularly my hands.

Last Friday. I made my  list of things that  I needed at the beauty counter at Nordstrom.  Make up remover etc.-- nothing too exciting, though I wanted to try L'Occitane hand cream  I was looking for "Subtle Violet" and "Rose Tenderness" in the travel sizes.  I had read good things but they were out...darn. 

Hand cream is really not something I want to order online if you know what I mean.  I want something with a very soft scent,  nothing too over powering.  Another hand cream I would like to try is Library of Flowers - Linden hand cream - it supposedly has a  soft scent which is exactly what I'm looking for.  So I'll need to poke around and see where I can find it here in Atlanta and test it out.

One hand cream that I did buy over the holidays is Burt's Bees Ultimate care hand cream, which I like...

but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.   I could use a little pick me up!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Downtime Shopping!


This January, I spent my down time hitting all the great sales picking up a few big ticket items like this Double - Cloth Sabrina Coat in bench green (thank you Hubby for the gift card).   I had wanted the navy or camel but after wearing it to work I received several complements and was pleased with my purchase.  Gwen from work said the green worked best with my coloring and even knitted me a scarf to go with it. Also, scored these boots and this purse all with great sale prices mind you.

Not to mention several cashmere sweaters here and couple pairs of cords here.  With our awful winter here in Atlanta I wish I could have picked up the this peacoat but no such luck.   Since this weather isn't going anywhere I have my eyes on a few more things such as another pair of boots and a fishermen sweater.  In all honesty, I am shopped out--clearance shopping is hard work!  Though the top two vacation spots that  Hubby and I have picked this year are Stockholm, Sweden and Montreal, Quebec. We like to go on vacation in early to mid May so it will still be cold  in both places.  Third is Cost Rica and if that happens I'll have to come up with a whole new plan.

Embracing Our Brrry Snow Days.

Here in Atlanta we are under major storm warnings. Hence my remarks about grocery shopping the other day.  This morning Hubby brought me up my usually cup of coffee and said he was heading into work, which I'll add he does have the flexibility to work from home  (He wanted to go in).  I on the other hand, knowing how hard-headed he is, said "be careful". Just two weeks ago when we got hit by a snow storm Hubby was suppose to work from home but insisted on going into work to save his work-from-home so that we could go to a Led Zeppelin cover band that Friday night. 

Fifteen minutes after Hubby left the house, he was back. I told him to just embrace the days, because we have a ways to go as we sit here waiting to get hit with ice.  I just hope he doesn't turn into the guy from the Shining...eeee. Now as I look out the window no rain, no snow, just yet and I can't even get him to out with me to get a cup of hot chocolate.

Five ways to embrace our Brrry Snow Days!

1.  Watch the Olympics - I saw the Russia Policemen choir on The Today Show the other morning.  Love them...Check them out here.  Also, I'm into the ice's my favorite!  Speaking of  the Olympics - why is it 60 degrees in Sochi and 30 here in Atlanta?  Hmmmm!

2.  Make Cookies - When I got home durning our last snow storm at 12:05 in the afternoon", I'm like, what do I do now".  Memories of childhood and making chocolate chip cookies popped into my mind.  But guess what?  No chocolate chips... go figure.   Yesterday while at the store I picked up some oatmeal to perhaps make a few cookies.  I read once oatmeal cookies are a little better for you.  Here's the good old fashion recipes from Quaker Oats with ingredients that most of us keep on hand.

3.  Read a good book - With a good cup of hot chocolate.  I  picked up the "Book Thief"  a few weeks ago and have yet to start it.  I would like to read the book before I see the movie.

4.  Make out your Valentine's Cards - I have a whole pile that I need to address and should pop in the mail ASAP.

5.  Getting Organized - I know it's boring but it is a good time to go through files, closets etc. Doing things that I normally don't have time during my regular cleaning day.


A New York Apartment

This past fall, I had to put my all my decorating projects on hold - ran out of  patience, motivation, and money...especially money!  After we got the rest of our ceiling redone, painted, with new molding, I was worn out.  Frank, my so called dream contractor, would not return my phone calls etc. Of course, I had to start the process of finding a new guy.  Late fall was upon us and then I finally found someone to do our bathroom.  His name is Victor.  But with the holidays suddenly approaching I got cold feet and did not want to spend money.  I'll share with you  later on how I least got Hubby's bathroom into somewhat decent condition.  

One of the tellers at my bank was going through a similar process, and would ask me for status updates on my projects.  She knew that I wanted to paint the outside of my house since summer.  I told her I had decided to put everything on hold and just simply enjoy the holiday season (as if that is ever possible with or without house projects)  When I told her "I couldn't get even get my front door painted" for Christmas -  I think she got the picture.  She quickly  suggested that  I wrap it like her daughter did for the holidays. Not a bad ideal!

This past January I've  been focusing on  taking advantage of  all the great clearance sales, which I'll talk about later... got some good stuff!  But when I received the January issue of Matchbook on line magazine I'm starting to rethink my decorating process.  I love this apartment!!!

 I love the color here.  I painted Hubby office deep green this past summer and then left him without a sofa, desk etc.  He's not happy mind you!  

I painted our guest room a very similar color to this just this past summer as well. I love the fabrics, English barley twist etc.  A good thing that we have had no guests. To see more go here 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines For The Hubby!

Here in Atlanta, everyone is hunkering down for a big snow storm that's getting ready to blow through here over the next couple of days.  I was doing my grocery shopping late this afternoon, which I always do on Mondays, and couldn't even get bananas.   It's a good thing I don't buy that much bread these days.  Anyway,  over  the holidays I meant to write "Gifts for the Hubbies" but got stuck with work projects and such.  Plus, our last snow storm which was just two weeks ago, poor Hubby had to abandon his car, walk in the freezing cold and ice to spend the night at Home Depot.  

 So here's " Valentines for the Hubbies!   

Nice warm marled socks to get his feet nice and  warm

Hubby loves a good whisky...I love the bottle!

Please note, Hubby has berated me for getting him scarves "we live in south" he says. Yes I tend to buy scarves -  just something about a new scarf to me. So I did as programmed and I did't buy him a new scarf this year.  Lucky for him he had on his Harry Potter scarf that I bought him four or five years ago during his snow journey. I did however  just order this Wallace + Barnes Donegal  sweater for him a few weeks it.  Although I don't think he had it on during his journey.  Will also come in handy for our vacation this spring to Stockholm. He better take it. 

I love these Lumber Jack needlepoint  Flasks!  This and some gronal bars could possibly come in handy next time he's stranded.

He wants a PS4! Sheesh!