Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New York Apartment

This past fall, I had to put my all my decorating projects on hold - ran out of  patience, motivation, and money...especially money!  After we got the rest of our ceiling redone, painted, with new molding, I was worn out.  Frank, my so called dream contractor, would not return my phone calls etc. Of course, I had to start the process of finding a new guy.  Late fall was upon us and then I finally found someone to do our bathroom.  His name is Victor.  But with the holidays suddenly approaching I got cold feet and did not want to spend money.  I'll share with you  later on how I least got Hubby's bathroom into somewhat decent condition.  

One of the tellers at my bank was going through a similar process, and would ask me for status updates on my projects.  She knew that I wanted to paint the outside of my house since summer.  I told her I had decided to put everything on hold and just simply enjoy the holiday season (as if that is ever possible with or without house projects)  When I told her "I couldn't get even get my front door painted" for Christmas -  I think she got the picture.  She quickly  suggested that  I wrap it like her daughter did for the holidays. Not a bad ideal!

This past January I've  been focusing on  taking advantage of  all the great clearance sales, which I'll talk about later... got some good stuff!  But when I received the January issue of Matchbook on line magazine I'm starting to rethink my decorating process.  I love this apartment!!!

 I love the color here.  I painted Hubby office deep green this past summer and then left him without a sofa, desk etc.  He's not happy mind you!  

I painted our guest room a very similar color to this just this past summer as well. I love the fabrics, English barley twist etc.  A good thing that we have had no guests. To see more go here 

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