Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hubby In The Garden!

Just this past Sunday, I was out in my  garden pondering a good spring clean-up.  Ordering pine straw, trimming overgrown English Ivy, weeding etc.  All while thinking to myself, spring is just around the corner...oh joy!   

I bought the above Helleborus over the holidays, last minute at Traders Joes.   We were having my in-laws over and I needed a center piece, something not too fussy and that I didn't have to get my garden shears out to trim, and that I could drop in my soup tureen.  Something easy!  While checking out, the Trader Joe's sales clerk happen to be a landscape gardener,  Lucky Me!   She warned me that it would need to come in below freezing until I could get it into the ground. I took the above picture just before Hubby plopped it into the ground this past Sunday.  More then a month later...I hope he makes it!!

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