Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Boot Dilemma!

The past year or so I've had a  shooz dilemma ( I Need Shooz! ), this time... it's boots.  It's almost March and most women have moved on to espadrilles and  strappy sandals.  For me, I've been shopping for boots since last fall and quite frankly, I'm sick of it!  After all, it's no easy task! It rates right up there with trying on swim suits in my book.    

Here's one little dilemma -  Black Friday I rushed out to Banana Republic and grabbed a pair of ankle boots.  They were  holding basic black for me but  I ended up walking out  the door with a light color suede that I thought were better looking.  That same day, I wore them to meet my buddy Cruella for lunch at the Buckhead Diner and realized the color was way too light, and I would probably be limited in wearing them. So I ordered a pair from J.Crew in black. Much better--I've worn these a lot already.   But, now with our vacation which will probably be to Montreal, I feel like I could use another pair or two.  But packing them is a whole nother story.

I have a question..."Just how many pairs of boots does one need for the winter season? Here's what I came up...

  • Riding boots -  in brown, black and suede. Mine are left over from four years ago with a square toe!
  • Ankle boots -  with just the perfect size heel to head out for everyday. In brown, black, and suede.
  • Ankle booties - to wear with skirts and tights.
  • Over the knee boots -  Which  I love!  But not a chance here - I'm too short!
  • Boots -  that hit just above the knee in brown, black, and suede.
  • Biker boots - I saw a pair earlier & missed out.  Would have loved them for last year trip to Santa Fe!
You know, storing boots is not easy task either but that's a different subject now, isn't it?

I'm contemplating these from Kate Spade
My concern...no zipper!
Maybe I'll be done in July!

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coleen~ said...

I have my hiking/winter boots. I think that is enough.