Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The New York Times & The Perfect Tote

One would think that, with all our snow days here in Atlanta, that I would have our vacation booked, planned, and scheduled.  In January, when things started slowing down a bit, I did start to think about where we should go.  My first constraint - somewhere new!  Second constraint - something we can afford!  Third - somewhat interesting! After talking to some well traveled friends, I came up with...
Stockholm, Sweden. Haven't been to Europe in a good while. And we've never been to the Scandinavian countries, and I wouldn't mind checking out the Ice Hotel.  Though I think it will be melted by May... our arrival time.
Montreal, Quebec - We've been to the Vancouver, British Columbia area but never Montreal.  Perhaps Hubby could practice his French.
Costa Rica - Cost Rica has been on our list now for the last ten or so years. 
Now with all the cold, Arctic weather that we've had here we're starting to have reservations  about  the first two spots.  Over Mexican food, last Saturday, Hubby and I read through the New York Times 52 places to Go in 2014.  It's a unique list, so if you're like us and haven't booked a destination yet check it out. "It gets you to think"... as Hubby said.  I've added #7 - Ecuador - home to the Galapagos Islands to our list.  Should be an easy sale to Hubby.  He would love to see those turtles!

On a quick side note -  Before one of our last flights, there was a torrential downpour.  I stepped into the security line drenched feeling like a wet rat.  Of course, right next to me was but a trendy, stylish, well traveled lady with her Tory Burch flats and this Longchamp's Tote that I couldn't take my eyes off of.  I immediately had visions of Harry Potter's Hermione reaching into her tote and pulling out her pop-up tent and other bulky items that we all hate to lug.  So regardless of where we end up, I'm getting this for my carry-on.  It's lightweight, and nylon, hence easy to clean, water-resistant, and  a classic!  What more could I ask for?  Perhaps a sale would be nice.  Now if I'm hiking through the rain forest or hitting the city streets, I'm set and I won't feel like a wet rat with a ruined tote!

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