Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little Pick Me Up!

It's Wednesday and we are now in day two of our winter weather storm. Currently I'm sitting in my office watching it sleet.  We still have power so far...fingers crossed. If we do lose power I have enough candles to last a few days.  Errr.. don't even want to think about that!  But as I said yesterday, I'm going to make the most of  our hibernation.    Hubby, not so much, he already has cabin fever and has been asleep on our sofa since 11:00  this morning.  For little Ellie, well she's bored too, not even a squirrel or a chipmunk to bark at.  She just sits in front of the window staring out.    

Anyway, Wednesday is "Girl Stuff"  and here's one thing that has been on my mind dry skin, particularly my hands.

Last Friday. I made my  list of things that  I needed at the beauty counter at Nordstrom.  Make up remover etc.-- nothing too exciting, though I wanted to try L'Occitane hand cream  I was looking for "Subtle Violet" and "Rose Tenderness" in the travel sizes.  I had read good things but they were out...darn. 

Hand cream is really not something I want to order online if you know what I mean.  I want something with a very soft scent,  nothing too over powering.  Another hand cream I would like to try is Library of Flowers - Linden hand cream - it supposedly has a  soft scent which is exactly what I'm looking for.  So I'll need to poke around and see where I can find it here in Atlanta and test it out.

One hand cream that I did buy over the holidays is Burt's Bees Ultimate care hand cream, which I like...

but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.   I could use a little pick me up!

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