Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ymmm Hot Chocolate!

Brrrrrr!!!! It's darn right cold here in Georgia which makes for the perfect time for some good hot chocolate. Yesterday evening, after our evening stroll and freezing to death , I thought this handy dandy chocolate pot would be quite nice. What sweetens the pot even more --- it's on sale! Happy Valentines Hubby!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sales, Sales, Sales!!!

January is such a boring, depressing, dreadful, cold, ugly month! Before going insanely mad, what would one and could one do without all these fabulous sale items to help take the mind off things. Here are a few sale items that I found that were on my ‘needs’ list for January.

First, my silk Dupioni skirt from J.Crew just arrived in the mail yesterday. The skirt arrived just in time for me to have absolutely nowhere to wear it to. Why did I not have this skirt this past New Years Eve? Oh, probably because it was not marked down this low. FYI—plenty left and you better hurry $49.99 all sales final (wished I would have ordered the 6)! I may have to order another skirt, perhaps in champagne, as soon as the hubby leaves the room. For now, I have the golden cypress—a wee bit big, but that’s ok, I’ll figure it out. Now to find somewhere to wear it to!

Next–one nice thing about moving back to Atlanta is easy access to the Burberry outlet store. Yeah—I got some earmuffs— I had seen them earlier and refused to pay retail for them. So now for 40 something bucks my ears won’t freeze off. Note to self – save up to get Ellie (my chow mix) a Burberry raincoat because she is sick of the jogging in the rain with me and they’re going fast. Most importantly, I think the Burberry outlet store will ship (706) 265-2100! But just in case, the the ones below are from Bloomingdale's although more!!! Off to find more good deals!

Burberry Earmuffs

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Searching For Perfect Skin Care Products!

After our dreadful move this past November (the week before Thanksgiving), I felt like something that the cat dragged in. Knowing that the New Year was just around the corner I thought I would get an early start on my maintenance. Plus, it had been a good while since I had last seen my aesthetician. One of the last times we had met, I had been very busy with home maintenance and improvements—painting, plumbing, gardening etc… it seems my focus is either on home stuff or maintenance for myself but hardly ever both at the same time! My hairdresser in Nashville once found paint chips in my hair.

Shortly after my visit with my aesthetician, I was out for my morning jog with Ellie, and Rocky’s (King Charles Spaniel) mom complimented my skin. I was so excited that I told her the whole moving story, which I don’t think she really wanted to hear, but I told her anyway because I was starting to feel like a real person again--yeah! Afterwards, I gave her the names of the products that my aesthetician had suggested—Phyto -C skin care, Serum Fifteen, and Teamine eye complex.

Later while looking through Martha’s January issue, I noticed there were a few products that she says she likes, such as Mario Badescu and Yon-Ka. However, she did add that she is always testing new ones! This has me pondering. When does it ever end? Probably at the fountain of youth, and that does not look like it’s happening in my lifetime!

To report thus far I am happy with the Phyto –C Serum, although on a side note my aesthetician did say that the Teamine eye complex would take eight weeks--I’m counting!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brrrr It's January!

I was very excited this past Friday when when the UPS guy arrived with my J.Crew cashmere. I should note that I did have permission from Santa himself since he missed my house this year (and it was on sale!)! I got the Eva in Bright papaya, not really my first choice -- I had wanted the Eva in golden cypress but, just my luck, they were all out. I did, however, get the classic crewneck cardigan and shell in the golden cypress. A few weeks earlier I had already picked up a classic cardigan in snow while out doing a little Xmas shopping, but of course they never carry the classic shells in the store. Why is that? Anyway, while getting ready for New Year's Eve, and waiting until the last minute to pull together an outfit, I'm thinking that I would love the cardigan and shell in all the other colors that I can possible get my hands on! So did Santa bring you some J.Crew cashmere?