Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Searching For Perfect Skin Care Products!

After our dreadful move this past November (the week before Thanksgiving), I felt like something that the cat dragged in. Knowing that the New Year was just around the corner I thought I would get an early start on my maintenance. Plus, it had been a good while since I had last seen my aesthetician. One of the last times we had met, I had been very busy with home maintenance and improvements—painting, plumbing, gardening etc… it seems my focus is either on home stuff or maintenance for myself but hardly ever both at the same time! My hairdresser in Nashville once found paint chips in my hair.

Shortly after my visit with my aesthetician, I was out for my morning jog with Ellie, and Rocky’s (King Charles Spaniel) mom complimented my skin. I was so excited that I told her the whole moving story, which I don’t think she really wanted to hear, but I told her anyway because I was starting to feel like a real person again--yeah! Afterwards, I gave her the names of the products that my aesthetician had suggested—Phyto -C skin care, Serum Fifteen, and Teamine eye complex.

Later while looking through Martha’s January issue, I noticed there were a few products that she says she likes, such as Mario Badescu and Yon-Ka. However, she did add that she is always testing new ones! This has me pondering. When does it ever end? Probably at the fountain of youth, and that does not look like it’s happening in my lifetime!

To report thus far I am happy with the Phyto –C Serum, although on a side note my aesthetician did say that the Teamine eye complex would take eight weeks--I’m counting!

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susani said...

I bet the vitamin c serum is what has given your skin that glow. It is wonderful but will be at it's best in a year. So keep up the good work. Remember your sunscreen or it is a waste of time. You have always had such beautiful porceline skin.