Monday, January 5, 2009

Brrrr It's January!

I was very excited this past Friday when when the UPS guy arrived with my J.Crew cashmere. I should note that I did have permission from Santa himself since he missed my house this year (and it was on sale!)! I got the Eva in Bright papaya, not really my first choice -- I had wanted the Eva in golden cypress but, just my luck, they were all out. I did, however, get the classic crewneck cardigan and shell in the golden cypress. A few weeks earlier I had already picked up a classic cardigan in snow while out doing a little Xmas shopping, but of course they never carry the classic shells in the store. Why is that? Anyway, while getting ready for New Year's Eve, and waiting until the last minute to pull together an outfit, I'm thinking that I would love the cardigan and shell in all the other colors that I can possible get my hands on! So did Santa bring you some J.Crew cashmere?

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susani said...

I love this classic sweater. Perfect time to stock up on some nice pieces.