Friday, January 29, 2010

Searching For A Red Velvet Cupcake Receipe

Last year, for Valentines Day, Hubby and I made Red Velvet cupcakes to gobble and to give to his parents (his dad loves cookies, cakes etc. so this is always a good way to stay on his good side). The cupcake mix came from a fancy box that I picked up at the Fresh Market. Everyone seemed to like them (especially Hubby's dad), although I thought that this year we would step it up a notch and actually try a real recipe from scratch. I do have a little time before Valentines day to find a great recipe so that I take them in to work to pass out (just like I use to do in grade school). Back then, it was always sugar cookies, and one of my classmates' mother was always a better icing decorator then my own mother. I seemed to acquire her same talents in that department. When I googled Red Velvet cupcakes, no doubt Paula's name popped right up, and then, of course, Martha. But then, I found Country Living's recipe on my own because I always like their recipes. So I've printed all three recipes but I can't really tel
l which one is the best--if Hubby and I test all three recipes this weekend, we'll be in trouble!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Closet Envy Anyone?

I'm digging this groovy chair of Windsor Smith's
from House Beautiful ...I can see everything!

Getting my closet well-organized and pretty has been pretty high on my list of things to do this month. Admittedly, I haven't gotten that far. This past Monday, I did manage to swing by the Container Store for a few ceder hangers, which I know are a little bit more expensive then the bamboo or the plastic ones, but I like the smell of them. Is that weird? Anyway, my closet is roughly 12 by 12 square, the wire shelves were already there. Not my choice, but I did not have a say, and they work for now. No, I've not painted or wallpapered or added a chandelier (you'll see)! First things first...organizing! Though I've already done a lot of pitching, especially over the last eight years due to all the moving around that Hubby and I do. But hey, I still see a few things floating around in my closet that made it through my last pitching session from Nashville. Good by circa 1996 suits!

If I had Aerin Lauder's closet I would have died and gone to heaven! I would just add a round tufted stool to sit and linger while I'm drinking my morning coffee debating what I'm going to wear that day. Perhaps take a door or two off so I could see everything.

For me, I like to be able to see everything--jackets, sweaters, jeans, shoes, scarves. I've found that if it is tucked away I tend to forget about it. Plus, I hate getting into my old 1940's annoying English chest that Hubby has taken over. Also, what makes things a little easier and manageable is I keep my summer clothes in the guest room (talk about that later). Additionally one of my pet peeves is that I like my sweaters color-coded and my shoes stacked in clear boxes. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to wallpapering it and adding a small chandelier and a cute stool so I don't have to scream for Hubby to pull down my purses. You know, it's not even February yet...I think that I have a little time!

A closet much more attainable...I would take it in a heartbeat!

But for now I have this! Come on now, I've not only told you, but shown you, my messy ugly closet. Closet envy... anyone?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Room Of Your Own!

This morning over a cup of coffee, I had a little time to catch-up on Bloomingdale's great window challenge . For me personally, I loved Eddie's overall story on the modern women and his use of vintage and modern accessories. With Maxwell, I like his choice of the bold wallpaper, big modern chandelier, club leather chair, modern lamps (I have a few just like that myself), glass coffee table (I have one & its where Hubby & I have dinner every night, it works), and, of course, his use of books. A few things that I personally was not crazy about were Maxwell's rug choice and his faux bookcases, maybe a little too much. Also, I was not wild about Eddie's color choices and splatter-paint print. But hey, that is just my opinion, and we all seem to do things differently, don't we?

Anyway, the contest had me pondering to myself how I would do a Bloomingdale's window display room for--let's say--a married woman (not incredible old, but no young spring chicken, either), who loves antiques (has been on a trip or two but could stand a few more). She's extremely passionate about, let's say, design. She loves color but clings to the warmer families, and she is hesitant with fabric choice on her furniture (see Decorating Dilemmas), for fear her Hubby may spill wine on the sofa (she's made those mistakes before). At the end of a hectic day, this is where she likes to linger in her room over a glass of Cabernet while going through one of her many decorating books. Then her Hubby (who spills wine) may join her for a glass before he fixes her dinner because he loves to cook! Last but not least, her books are very important to her (she even keeps her self-help paperbacks). She's heavily inspired by nature, exemplified by her love of botanical wallpaper (see Bringing The Outdoors In). After all it's her room. Finally, nothing is so special that her beloved dog, who might be named, say, Ellie, can't harm!

Here's a little something that just popped in my mind! Not exact though, but very, close...indeed! I love the overall color palette, the botanical-themed wallpaper, Waverly's mocha-striped drapes, vintage rosewood lamp, slipper chairs (legs showing), glass coffee table, over sized mirror, and sisal rug. One thing that I would not do is a valance on the window, and not just for budget reasons, but I think that it would look lighter. I might also change the fabric around a little. Remember this client has a Husband that spills wine! Also, I would use an old French mirror on the mantle (like something I've lugged back from a trip). Finally, I would add more books! Probably many more. That's not a lot, is it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Girly Kitchen: What would you do?

Tori even put the Toile wallpaper on the ceiling

I was just checking my calender and today is Wed..."Girl Stuff"... and, in keeping with the Kitchen theme that I seem to have going on this week, I thought that I would show a "girly kitchen", at least I would consider it kind of girly, with the toile wallpaper. Then again, maybe it's just because I've been married for quite a while. I've always liked this kitchen and the apartment home of Tori Mellott (decoration editor of former Domino magazine); her New York apartment is only 450 square feet. I could only imagine what it looked like before she worked her magic. I'm sure it was quite depressing!

But, personally, I love it and would wallpaper in a minute (maybe toile depending on if Hubby was around). I would defiantly paint ugly cabinets and doors (as you already are aware) and I would hang a pendent light and stack my dishware just like that. Look at her wine glasses, cute desert plates, miniature cappuccino cups--could be egg cups--but nonetheless...A-Plus!

I love the Farrow-Ball striped "Five Over Stripe" in her living room, which I came close to using myself a couple of times.

Now it's your turn... given a tiny New York kitchen apartment (probably a rental, reflects budget even more) what would you do to make livable? How many of you would wallpaper? How many of you would use toile ? How many of you would wallpaper the ceiling? How many of you would paint godawful ugly cabinets and doors and then be really brave and do a stripe in the next room?

My Budget Friendly Kitchen

This is a picture of my old 1930's kitchen in Nashville

When Hubby and I first purchased the house, we were not quite sure what we were going to do with it! We knew we wanted and had to do something, but realistically speaking, $$$ always seemed to get in the way. We thought about maybe knocking out the back wall (where you see the stove & fridge) to open it up, but the thought of getting our money back lingered in the back of our minds! Plus, we had high hopes and dreams of heading back to the Atlanta area. So knowing there was uncertainly, our short term goal was just to make the kitchen somewhat tolerable for us to want to go in there and cook our meals and feed our dogs.

My Notes To Self:

1. Remove cabinets doors (originally had wanted to remove all upper cabinets and install shelves). Painted the kitchen cabinets in Benjamin Moore Dove White (oil-based paint). Became way to yellow... drove me crazy (see More on Kitchen Stuff)! Told later by a Benjamin Moore employee that could happen with oil based paint in old house. Almost repainted cabinets when Hubby was out out of town. Glad I didn''s a lot of work! Wanted the back of the inside cabinets painted but never got a around to it.

2. Had real beadboard installed two thirds up the wall by my loving carpenter. He told me later how disgusting it was when he removed original baseboards...never forget!

3. Painted the beadboard in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (more of a pure white...). Latex, this time. Did not want to make same mistake as with cabinets.

4. Hubby & I almost got divorced after I commissioned him to remove seven layers of flooring from the kitchen floor. Top layer was peel & stick vinyl tile... looked like it was done by a kindergartener. Once flooring was removed, Hubby painted the pine sub floors in oil based paint Home Depot's Davenport Brown & Dove White in a checkerboard pattern. Complained durning the winter season how godawful cold it was without a real floor...always kept stove on!

5. Wall paint above the beadboard painted Restoration Hardware's nortourious Silver Sage Green. Was going to repaint but Lucilla told me it looked chic..So I left it...I was tired!

6. Lighting above the sink came from Lowe's. Had lighting just like that from another store once) but found three lights at Lowe's at unbeatable, almost give-away price!

7. Also, had my electrician add outlets so we could plug coffee maker in....very crucial. Also, added outlet above the stove for a microwave which I was clearly missing.

8. Subway tiles used on back splash came from my stash ( found tiles at Home Expo red light sale) $700.00 worth of tile for 76.00...another can't beat price! The first batch I used in my bathroom. Lugged the rest with me here to Atlanta... currently waiting for another project!

9. In late Spring 2007 realized we were heading back to Atlanta area. No more $$$ for poor old kitchen. No counter tops, formica would have to do! Sorry carrera, perhaps next time. Viking stove, one day we'll meet, you'll see!

10. August 2007, getting house ready to go on market but must install a proper kitchen floor. Goal not to spend a lot of $$$ so we can leave with a profit. VCT tiles... swear by them. Go to any home improvement store & you can special order them in variety of colors. Adds lots of interest...would be really cute for a play room.

(see Kitchen Stuff Continued)

End Result
November 2008 sold cottage house in Nashville
*Left with a decent profit.
*Most importantly...did not put cabinets doors back on!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exposing Yourself In The Kitchen: Getting Organized!

OK, I know what you're thinking! Why is she showing us a picture of a kitchen that clearly needs a new dishwasher, stove, countertops, cabinets, sink, etc. Plus, the stainless steel fridge that she let her Hubby pick out clearly does not fit that space (C- Plus). Well, you see, today is Monday, "Getting Organized" and I've been thinking a little about my old kitchen in Nashville (See Kitchen Stuff, Kitchen Stuff Continued, More on Kitchen Stuff, Yes, More Kitchen Stuff, and Kitchen stuff finale. Whew!

A couple of things got me thinking about my old kitchen, the first being the fact that I need to get organized in my new kitchen. The second being that I've been pondering the kitchen in It's Complicated (see It's Ohhh-So Complicated). After seeing the movie, I realized that I miss and love to look at dishware, and not just other people's, but even my own. I guess you could say, that I'm a open-shelf, no-cabinet-doors type of gal! Believe it or not, I kind of miss my old kitchen because I was more organized. Perhaps it was small, but I knew the exact count of wine glasses, juice glasses, dinner plates, salad plates, coffee mugs etc. that were clean with one glance. Most importantly, I only had stuff that I used and everything had a spot! Clearly, there was no room in my old kitchen for mismatched coffee mugs and wine glasses.

It's Complicated - Kitchen

When Hubby and I had our real estate agent, Lisa, over to do the walkthrough (the one where the real estate agent comes over to voice their opinions) she suggested we put the cabinets doors back on. Lisa clearly was not a no-doors or open-shelf type gal! Her quote was, "that some people, such as herself, are just not that organized". I was thinking to myself that it was a good thing that I did not rip them off completely liked I really wanted to (Hubby talked me out of it). Also, there was no way I was going out to my potting shed to dig around for dirty cabinet doors, and then go through another huge sanding and oil-painting process. I shot back, reasoning that "the doors would close the kitchen in more (they actually would have) and if the new owners would like them, their in the potting shed"! Leaving it, with "We'll see what happens!"

I'll tell you tomorrow what happened for Tuesdays "Budget-Friendly Design and Decorating" while I try to find more pictures of that kitchen. I'm off to the Container Store!

Image from House Beautiful

I know sometimes it depends on the kitchen itself, but My question is "Are you an open-shelf, no-cabnet doors type or do you want to hide your juice glasses, salad plates, coffee mugs etc. I really want to know!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's Your Favorite Comfort Food?

As promised, it's Friday, "Recipe & Entertaining day". Hmmm. I don't know how I get myself in these messes! I'm just ready to get off work, run a few errands (like getting my hair done--that's important), and get home so I can listen to The Skirted Roundtable over a glass of vino. Usually, on Friday's evenings I'm so dead from the week before that Hubby and I usually order in, or I'll send him out to go get something while I'm soaking in my tub. Hey, it's the only time I can do that! Anyway, I can already sense that we will be ordering take out tonight. And the thing is we can't order pizza because we did that last night when my friend Helen was over. I did whip a nice Pecorino cheese Baked with Honey & Walnuts from Carolyne Roehm and Helen liked it. Next time I'll try her pizza!
Image from Carolyne Roehm

But anyway, tonight we are going to order from Swallow at the Hollow. It's basically a notorious Southern style BBQ place here in the Atlanta area and very close to our house, I might add. Mac & Cheese please and corn muffins for Ellie... she loves them!

So what's your favorite comfort food? Is it mashed potatoes, pizza, grilled cheese & tomato soup, chicken 'n dumplings, chocolate cake?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Southern Happenings"

This past fall, I wrote how I wanted to organize my blog a little (see Best Tomato Pie Ever). It looked a little something quite like this:

Monday - “Kicking the Week off Right & Getting Organized”
Tuesday – “Down with Some Serious Decorating”
Wednesday -“Girl Stuff”
Thursday - "Happenings Around the South"
Friday - “Recipes & Entertaining Day”

So here it goes, today is Thursday "Southern Happenings". Mark your calender for the 2010 Southeastern Flower Show here in Atlanta, February 4Th - 6Th. And I was just talking to one of our docents yesterday, who also happens to be on the flower show committee, and she told me P. Allen Smith would be speaking. I myself would love to hear him speak, it seems every time I hear his name lately I think of his library. It sparks my interest because I'm a huge book lover myself! Also, my good friend Jill will be there ( and I told her I would go see her.

P.Allen Smith's Library

Up Next, Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville February 11Th -13Th . And of course, the year I'm not there they are having Michael Smith, one of my favorite designers (see Loving Michael Smith). Perhaps I could stay with my old Bohemia neighbor Sandy...Who knows? Make note: If you go the first day you may even run into Faith (Hill)!

After all this gardening talk, maybe, I'll make one day "In the Garden Day" So what you think?

Tomorrow "What's Your Favorite Comfort Food"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Ohhh-So Complicated!

This past Sunday, Hubby and I braved the icy roads and finally made it out to see It's Complicated. I had wanted to see the movie when it first came out on Christmas day, but I promised Hubby Sherlock first, and he made me stick to my promise! Now, I had more than one motive, other then seeing the actual movie itself--set design... of course! Personally, I'm an English and French design type of girl, and normally find the Belgian look a little chilly, but I really liked this Santa Barbara Belgian casual elegance look. For me, I believe it was the touch of the warm apricots that were used in the club chair and cashmere throw. I also really liked the touch of blue accent pillows and the big bowl of green artichokes.

The kitchen is fun and interesting and has several design elements that I always love to see in a kitchen. Such as , carrera marble, Viking stove, subway tiles and such. (see Kitchen Stuff)

The bedroom--again it's all the touches of the warm apricot color!

The bathroom--love the Gold gilded mirror (adds a lot of drama), the claw foot tub of course ( see An Economic Recovery Plan For An Old Claw-Foot Bathtub), and the green subway tiles naturally!

The bakery--ahhh so pretty! All images from Traditional Home

Sunday evening after the movie, I called my chef-friend Helen and told her to check out the movie. I thought that she would really enjoy it, if not for other than to check out the bakery--her secret love (one day she'll have a bakery/cafe like that). Now I know I'm one of the last few people to see the movie and here's my short review, because I need to get back to work!

Loved it... actors, story, set design and all! Come on, tell me ...what did you think?

P.S., I thought I spotted Farrow & Ball's Ringwold in the daughter's bedroom, towards the end of the movie in the yellow colorway ( see Bringing the outdoors in)! Do you think so?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 2010 Brr-y Agenda!

Last Friday, my boss called to inform me to take my time going into work that morning due to the icy roads out. I said, "no problem" in yet another bad weather day here in the South! Now, I'm not exactly crazy! When I left the house that freezing morning, I was bundled up like I was going to an Alpine ski resort. I had on my long coat, long underwear (haven't used since trip to Vienna) scarf, mittens, black boots with heels!

Now after sliding all the way down my driveway in my Matrix on the slippery ice, then making it to the stop sign (about 50 feet). I then took a left (made it another 50 feet) and noticed a car half way up the hill that was stalled. Knowing that I did not want to be in the same situation, I quickly decided that maybe I should back my car up and try taking our Element. That way, I could make it up the rough hills that I complain about when I'm jogging. So I put the car in reverse, started sliding on the ice, then poured on the gas... hydroplaned and blew out a tire! Frantically freaking out, I honked my horn as loud I could, screaming, trying to get Hubby's attention! Hubby comes running out of the house in his bare feet and highly annoyed that I interrupted his own writing concentration! I jumped out of the car (fell on my tush...blasted boots) so that Hubby could try his wintry driving techniques at trying to get the car up the drive way.

Note to self - Driving a car with a flat on ice...don't do it!
Note to self - Driving a car with a flat on ice and going uphill...definitely don't do it!
Note to self - Get that great pair of riding boots that I've wanted for sometime!
Note to self - Get more colorful selection of cashmere scarfs. And cashmere gloves with no holes in them!
Note to self - Must go by aestheticians (See Me and My Aesthetician) to get much needed moisturizer etc.etc.

So yesterday, after trading wintry storm stories with everyone at work, I braved the icy roads to go shopping! Made it by my aesthetician's and got my much needed moisturizer. She made a quick comment about my dry skin--errr! Tried on several pairs of riding boots...blasting calves. And finally, got my 2010 agenda for my old-fashioned daytimer!

Wanted the Coach...athough Vera Bradley is across from my aesthetician and for $25.00... Need I say more?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Snowy, Blustery Organizing Day!

It's a snowy, blustery day here in Atlanta, and like many of you, getting organized for the new year is one of my many priorities. What I discovered recently, and especially after having a few holidays soirees, is that my laundry room, personal closet, Hubby-office, my office, coat closet, linen closet and inside of my kitchen cabinets are a disaster! Discoveries are as follows:

Inside kitchen cabinets - Need a good cleaning & contact paper to start! Found way too much to Go-Food Tupperware spilling over. Not a complete set of wine glasses (odd numbers) to be had! Most embarrassing when in-laws came over for sit-down dinner! Spice cabinet not very pretty!
Coat closet - Nowhere to hang company's coats and jackets. Way too many of my own: even a Banana Republic circa 1991 has taken over the closet.
Laundry Room - Has became a huge dumping ground. Plus, Hubby never puts his tools away!
Personal closet - Hmmm... A lot to say about this. I won't bore you with it now, but later!
Linen closet - Now that I actually have a mattress, I would like a place for my sheets & pillowcases. But it's missing it's shelves & is currently storing our luggage.
My office -Missing a desk to start... need I say more? Also, houses my collection of Southern Accents, Veranda, House Beautiful, Cottage Living, Domino, Country Home, Martha Stewart...whew! A good thing I did away with Food & Wine!

Now, on top of all this, I still need to replace my wallet...thanks to the thief back in December. The sales clerks are starting to look at me funny scrambling around in my purse trying to fetch a card. Plus, I need a new daytimer... thanks to hubby for dropping mine (or did I threw it at him)! I can't remember which, but the three-ring spiral is broken and falls out. No Blackberry or IPhone here--I'm afraid that I'm from the old school and I have to write things down! I use my daytimer for a dumping ground for notes, account numbers, addresses and my agenda.

Kate Spade daytimer I'm pondering!

Or this Coach day timer. Either way, must make good and fast decision... has to last a very long time, and of course be pretty!

Today, is Thursday, Jan 7th and I've already screwed up my dentist appointment. Hair is tomorrow... at least I hope!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Day Open House!

New Years Day morning--up by 9:15 (Ellie let me sleep in a little, she sensed I needed it!) After letting her out, I observed flowers thrown in the sink that needed to be cut, a buffet area that needed to be setup, cobwebs in windows and floors that needed mopping! Having company at 3:00, I quickly made a huge pot of coffee and went to work!

9:35 - Started furiously cleaning man cave (Decorating a Man Cave)! Thought about yanking old French Louis mirror down to put in dinning room (see Hosting The Thanksgiving Feast). Did not want to upset the chef (Hubby) who was still sleeping. He had hard time hanging it in the first place!

10:30 - Chef finally rises! Grabs his coffee & seems uninterested in starting the ham, black eyed peas, collard greens, scalloped potatoes, shrimp, & sun dried tomato dip.

11:30 - After watching some football, Chef discovered the ham I brought was uncooked! He goes to work!
11:31 - Chef starts asking me questions -Like I have all recipes stored in my brain! Chef found recipe for scalloped potatoes...fingers crossed!
12:00 - I start cutting flowers to get them out of Chef's way. Note to self : One day have my own flower cutting room!

12:30 - The chef informs me that his parents are bringing crawfish soup that they recently discovered in New Orleans. I panicked because I now needed to come up with 14 soup serving vessels. Why didn't chef inform me while I was at Crate & Barrell the day before!
1:00 - Mopped floors, Windexed windows, de-cobweb, swept porch, made bed, vacuumed upstairs. Had gut feeling Mother-in-law would want to see new mattress that she bought us! (See I Need a Bedskirt)

1:45 - Rolled sliver, stacked plates.

2:00 -Decided should shower before guests arrived.
2:45 - Put on lipstick & headed downstairs to check on chef. Started setting up bar. Note to self: Find tray for old butler stands! Or better yet, purchase rolling cocktail cart (see Drinks? Shake, Stir and Roll!

3:00 - Ellie senses company!

3:01 - Sylvia & her hubby arrive! Sylvia armed with pretty flowers.
3:05 - In-laws arrived next loaded with a big crock pot of soup!

3:10 - Sylvia in kitchen cutting flowers. I start pouring drinks & wonder why I ever gave my champagne flutes to bohemian brother-in-law. Ellie barking furiously!

3:15 - Other guests arrive - all at once!
4:00 - Discovered I need more serving bowls. Collard greens in trifle dish - Eeek!
6:30 - Made Hubby cut Sylvia's cake that's missing main ingredient! A little dry I speculated but Hubby gets an A from Ms. Sylvia for the effort!
7:45 - Try to convince Helen another glass of wine. No, has to go feed cat!
7:50 - Everyone starts filing out. I pass out party favors (small bottle of champagne with chocolate coins). Note to self: Good thing I was prepared - found small champagne bottles Wednesday evening! Sylvia inquires where I found them!

8:00 - Have glass of wine with in-laws. Get scoop on brother-in-law.

9:01 - Snoozing!

New Years resolution - Get organized, read more cookbooks and have family and friends over more often, one of the reasons why we moved back to Atlanta in the first place! I'm sensing a wintry cheese fondue party next!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Years Eve!

New Year's Eve morning - Ellie let me sleep until about 8:30 before she jumped up on our bed, and slapped me in the face (her way of letting us know to get up and let her out). Knowing that I needed to make a good four stops to get ready for our spur-of-the-moment New Year's Day open house. I had decided to forgo my jog, have a cup of coffee and make some notes.

8:40 - Sent buddy, Susan, a Happy New Year e-mail. Explained, no time to talk, I was off to Target!
9:30 - Sylvia called as I was washing my face. She & her husband Danny would be attending, & she asked what she can bring. Sylvia wanted to chitchat about her cocktail party the night before.
10:30 - Finished getting dressed & gave hubby his To Do list! Told him not to screw the cake up!
10:35 - Hubby busy reading about his precious Saints. Opportunity for me to sneak old frame in car.
11:15 - Arrived at framers with old, beat-up frame. Hoping to see to see if they could pop a beveled mirror in it for me to pick up later that day. Not going to happen...poor dining room!
11:40 - Called Ballards Back Room to check on Parson chair slip covers (another thing that I put off). Don't want to waste time if they don't have slips in specific colors!
12:00 Arrived at Target...Thank God they have a Starbucks! Ordered coffee & decided to call buddy Helen.
12:05 - Called Helen, haven't spoken in months! Explained in a nutshell what's happened last few months. She's coming tomorrow too. Offered to bring spinach dip. Sounds great, but I say, "just yourself"! She senses I'm on a mission!
12:20 - Decided to take a little time strolling around Target. Stumbled upon the office supply section.
12:30 - Being around cute office stuff reminded me to call Jill. Needed confirmation she had directions. We chitchat about all the great office supplies at Target.
12:40 - Moving on...Spotted a Kitchenaid mixer for $249.00 in red...Hmmmmm!
12:45 - Finally, found an employee to ask about clear cellophane bags and the white appetizer plates (one of my objectives). All Targets south of the Mason-Dixon line are out. The nice girl recommends several stores not on my list or schedule! Decided to head to Crate & Barrel.
1:30 - Arrived at Crate. White appetizer plates...Yeah! Spent 30 minutes going back & forth on a wine glass dilemma! I had discovered earlier that half of mine were broken! Decided to wing it with glasses. Started browsing Crate's after Xmas foods. Still needed to get bags..head to Paper Affair.
2:30 - Arrived at Paper Affair (it's close to Crate). I knew it would be a crapshoot for my bags. Got lost looking at Valentines stuff, clearly don't need... yet!
3:00 - Arrived at Michael's for bags...Yeah! Decided I should get to the grocery to get ham, black eyed peas etc. etc.! Pit stop by Ballard's Back Room to grab slip covers -they were holding.
3:30 - Arrived at Ballard's Back Room. Looked at the slip. Checked bins, spotted a few green ones. Sales attendant and I started playing around with slips. Went with safe choice!
4:30- Finally at Publix. Never seen the parking lot like this! You would think it was a holiday or something. Checked out flowers - tempted to buy something already cut but decided no, not with my financial statements! Started gathering everything on my list. Wondered to myself if it was too late to call Helen for her spinach dip! Searched for black eyed peas. No choice but to go frozen. Darn! Debated a nice bottle of champaign. Ended up grabbing it & left!
5;30 Arrived at Trader Joe's--gathered wine. Picked up winter bouquet.
6:00 - Arrived home...exhausted! Hubby in the kitchen finishing up with Sylvia's cake. Noticed pudding on the counter -- was supposed to go in cake! Sheesh!
7:00 - After unloading car, went for a run to decompress.
8:00 - Started to clean, & mess around in dining room. Hubby complained that he is hungry!

8:30 - Finally a shower.
9:15 - Hubby & I went for Thai food.
10:15 - Put goody bags together! Thought about cutting flowers but way too tired!
11:00 - Hubby popped open champagne (that I spent 15 minutes debating), & we watched a little of Times Square.
12:01 - Snoozing! Happy New Year!
How Was Yours?