Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 2010 Brr-y Agenda!

Last Friday, my boss called to inform me to take my time going into work that morning due to the icy roads out. I said, "no problem" in yet another bad weather day here in the South! Now, I'm not exactly crazy! When I left the house that freezing morning, I was bundled up like I was going to an Alpine ski resort. I had on my long coat, long underwear (haven't used since trip to Vienna) scarf, mittens, black boots with heels!

Now after sliding all the way down my driveway in my Matrix on the slippery ice, then making it to the stop sign (about 50 feet). I then took a left (made it another 50 feet) and noticed a car half way up the hill that was stalled. Knowing that I did not want to be in the same situation, I quickly decided that maybe I should back my car up and try taking our Element. That way, I could make it up the rough hills that I complain about when I'm jogging. So I put the car in reverse, started sliding on the ice, then poured on the gas... hydroplaned and blew out a tire! Frantically freaking out, I honked my horn as loud I could, screaming, trying to get Hubby's attention! Hubby comes running out of the house in his bare feet and highly annoyed that I interrupted his own writing concentration! I jumped out of the car (fell on my tush...blasted boots) so that Hubby could try his wintry driving techniques at trying to get the car up the drive way.

Note to self - Driving a car with a flat on ice...don't do it!
Note to self - Driving a car with a flat on ice and going uphill...definitely don't do it!
Note to self - Get that great pair of riding boots that I've wanted for sometime!
Note to self - Get more colorful selection of cashmere scarfs. And cashmere gloves with no holes in them!
Note to self - Must go by aestheticians (See Me and My Aesthetician) to get much needed moisturizer etc.etc.

So yesterday, after trading wintry storm stories with everyone at work, I braved the icy roads to go shopping! Made it by my aesthetician's and got my much needed moisturizer. She made a quick comment about my dry skin--errr! Tried on several pairs of riding boots...blasting calves. And finally, got my 2010 agenda for my old-fashioned daytimer!

Wanted the Coach...athough Vera Bradley is across from my aesthetician and for $25.00... Need I say more?


susani said...

I loved those picture when I saw them in TH. My favorite colors. I will check out the movie. I feel your pain when it comes to your icy fall. Last year I was attempting to get home in a big ice sorm when I saw an accident(a bad one) happen. I got out in my thin scrubs and attempted to help the poor souls. Fell on the highway 3 time then slide under a parked bus full of kids. I was in pain but laughed it off. Finally I gave up and yelled if they were okay and called 911. The feelings of guilt quikly went away after I fell 2 more times climbing up the hill to my car and slide under my car as I was trying to get in it. Not a fun. (This was all seen by some co-workers who were stopped in traffic becasue of the wreck).Falling on ice is NOT fun!! Stay home next time:)

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Pal:

See your training as a nurse comes in handy... sometimes! You know what? I'm still looking for boots & thought that I found a pair at Talbot's but I wanted the brown & their out. Also, found a puffer jacket with a great price, but I don't really need it all that bad. Go figure!