Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Girly Kitchen: What would you do?

Tori even put the Toile wallpaper on the ceiling

I was just checking my calender and today is Wed..."Girl Stuff"... and, in keeping with the Kitchen theme that I seem to have going on this week, I thought that I would show a "girly kitchen", at least I would consider it kind of girly, with the toile wallpaper. Then again, maybe it's just because I've been married for quite a while. I've always liked this kitchen and the apartment home of Tori Mellott (decoration editor of former Domino magazine); her New York apartment is only 450 square feet. I could only imagine what it looked like before she worked her magic. I'm sure it was quite depressing!

But, personally, I love it and would wallpaper in a minute (maybe toile depending on if Hubby was around). I would defiantly paint ugly cabinets and doors (as you already are aware) and I would hang a pendent light and stack my dishware just like that. Look at her wine glasses, cute desert plates, miniature cappuccino cups--could be egg cups--but nonetheless...A-Plus!

I love the Farrow-Ball striped "Five Over Stripe" in her living room, which I came close to using myself a couple of times.

Now it's your turn... given a tiny New York kitchen apartment (probably a rental, reflects budget even more) what would you do to make livable? How many of you would wallpaper? How many of you would use toile ? How many of you would wallpaper the ceiling? How many of you would paint godawful ugly cabinets and doors and then be really brave and do a stripe in the next room?

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