Friday, January 22, 2010

A Room Of Your Own!

This morning over a cup of coffee, I had a little time to catch-up on Bloomingdale's great window challenge . For me personally, I loved Eddie's overall story on the modern women and his use of vintage and modern accessories. With Maxwell, I like his choice of the bold wallpaper, big modern chandelier, club leather chair, modern lamps (I have a few just like that myself), glass coffee table (I have one & its where Hubby & I have dinner every night, it works), and, of course, his use of books. A few things that I personally was not crazy about were Maxwell's rug choice and his faux bookcases, maybe a little too much. Also, I was not wild about Eddie's color choices and splatter-paint print. But hey, that is just my opinion, and we all seem to do things differently, don't we?

Anyway, the contest had me pondering to myself how I would do a Bloomingdale's window display room for--let's say--a married woman (not incredible old, but no young spring chicken, either), who loves antiques (has been on a trip or two but could stand a few more). She's extremely passionate about, let's say, design. She loves color but clings to the warmer families, and she is hesitant with fabric choice on her furniture (see Decorating Dilemmas), for fear her Hubby may spill wine on the sofa (she's made those mistakes before). At the end of a hectic day, this is where she likes to linger in her room over a glass of Cabernet while going through one of her many decorating books. Then her Hubby (who spills wine) may join her for a glass before he fixes her dinner because he loves to cook! Last but not least, her books are very important to her (she even keeps her self-help paperbacks). She's heavily inspired by nature, exemplified by her love of botanical wallpaper (see Bringing The Outdoors In). After all it's her room. Finally, nothing is so special that her beloved dog, who might be named, say, Ellie, can't harm!

Here's a little something that just popped in my mind! Not exact though, but very, close...indeed! I love the overall color palette, the botanical-themed wallpaper, Waverly's mocha-striped drapes, vintage rosewood lamp, slipper chairs (legs showing), glass coffee table, over sized mirror, and sisal rug. One thing that I would not do is a valance on the window, and not just for budget reasons, but I think that it would look lighter. I might also change the fabric around a little. Remember this client has a Husband that spills wine! Also, I would use an old French mirror on the mantle (like something I've lugged back from a trip). Finally, I would add more books! Probably many more. That's not a lot, is it?


Martha said...

How fun it is to dream!!!!Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Martha! I would just love to do a Bloomingdale's display window.

coleen~ said...

You need to get into design, girl!!! You have the best ideas! I do agree with the valance. That was the one thing in the photo that didn't seem right. I think merlot colored fabric on the furniture....then you NEVER have to worry about those nasty little spills...