Friday, January 29, 2010

Searching For A Red Velvet Cupcake Receipe

Last year, for Valentines Day, Hubby and I made Red Velvet cupcakes to gobble and to give to his parents (his dad loves cookies, cakes etc. so this is always a good way to stay on his good side). The cupcake mix came from a fancy box that I picked up at the Fresh Market. Everyone seemed to like them (especially Hubby's dad), although I thought that this year we would step it up a notch and actually try a real recipe from scratch. I do have a little time before Valentines day to find a great recipe so that I take them in to work to pass out (just like I use to do in grade school). Back then, it was always sugar cookies, and one of my classmates' mother was always a better icing decorator then my own mother. I seemed to acquire her same talents in that department. When I googled Red Velvet cupcakes, no doubt Paula's name popped right up, and then, of course, Martha. But then, I found Country Living's recipe on my own because I always like their recipes. So I've printed all three recipes but I can't really tel
l which one is the best--if Hubby and I test all three recipes this weekend, we'll be in trouble!!!


Martha said...

A friend of mine made the Paula Dean receipe and they were great! But if the ones you did from the mix were good, just do them again and make homemade cream cheese frosting.
Good luck,

Lisa D. said...

Thanks Martha...I'll try that because I'm running out of time.