Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Have Committal Issues with Wallpaper?

in my old cottage house in Nashville

After writing A Room of Your Own, I've sensed that a few people have committal issues with wallpaper. I know, I hear it all the time. You don't want to commit to a wallpaper, or wallpaper is not 'in' right now! A couple of years ago, when I was putting wallpaper up in our cottage house in Nashville, everyone looked at me like I was a crazy fool! Even a few of my designer friends wondered why I was committing to a certain wallpaper. I loved the Ringwold paper so much, I even showed it to my realtor...he loved it immediately. Finally, I thought, someone who gets me. Plus, Hubby liked it as well, and, no, I don't think he just told me that, because he's quite vocal when he wants to be. So for all you folks (ladies & men) who have committal issues with wallpaper, here is what I may be doing down the road for a project that I'm currently working on.

Try it above with some here at Winterthur. Image from Victoria Magazine

Still too much? Do one wall as a focal point. I'm loving this baby room, by the way! Image from Style at Home

Really afraid to commit and want a punch--do wallpaper panels.
Image from Canadian House & Home

Or just try it in your closet, and every time you open your doors--voila'. I've really been thinking of doing this myself (see Closet Envy). Image from Domino & wallpaper is Farrow & Ball St. Antoine

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Heather said...

Oh, these wallpaper designs are beautiful! What fun!