Monday, February 8, 2010

How Do You Organize Your Books?

Here I have my travel, self help, old college books (I was a Political Science Major, Hubby was Finance), travel guides, antiquing, and finding a job of my dreams types of books. And yes, we're big fans of Harry Potter !

My books are the one thing that I cannot live without! I keep everything, and not just the expensive decorating books, but my old college books, paperbacks, travel. etc. You name it, I keep them! I still have the first Let's Go Europe book that Hubby and I used on our first trip to Europe. It's quite funny to look back at some of our old notes. Another thing is that when I loan books out, I'm not a very happy camper when they don't get returned! Just last year when I loaned Sandy, our old Bohemian neighbor in Nashville, several books and she forgot to return them. In fact, I don't even think she ever read them! But that's OK, because she gave me all her old back issues of Martha Stewart Living . I had pitched my collection some time ago when we moved to Charleston. I do tend to pitch magazines collections but only when we move. I hate to do it but they can get mighty heavy!

Our night time reading...I'm currently reading The Help.
Really, the whole reason why I'm even blogging about this is the last couple of years I've seen some people sorting their books according to their color spine. I did try that and it just did not work for me. I have found what works best for me is to have my book sorted according to self-help, travel, entertaining, gardening, you-name-it, and in different areas of my house! Hint, my self help books (Men are from Mars Women are from Venus ) are upstairs. I believe my buddy Cruella gave me that book, which is odd in and of itself because we usually get each other expensive decorating books, not self-help! In fact, I'll give Cruella a decorating book for a gift just so she doesn't have to borrow any of mine. Well...She does the same thing!

Of course my entertaining books with a few cookbooks thrown in, mostly Ina's.

Last but not least, my decorating books, which I have stacked throughout my they are used to stack Hubby's bourbon. Also, I have several in my Man Cave (see Decorating A Man Cave) but Hubby doesn't mind!

I've shown you mine...your turn! How do you like to organize your books?


Heather said...

What a fun question! I love books. I have my fiction organized by author's last name in alphabetical order. Then I have a non-fiction area. I keep religion/philosophy together and the rest of that section is sort of a mish mash. I have many more fiction books than I do non-fiction. If I don't think I will ever want to read a book again, then I will give it away or swap it at

Lisa D. said...

Hi Heather:

That is incredible...fiction & nonfiction, plus author's last name in alphabetical order! You sound very organized, indeed. And thank you for the paperbackswap tip.