Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving Marilyn!!!

Image from Lonny

The other day while reading through Lonny , this ad for Rubie Green's quickly caught my eye. And after doing a little digging I discovered that one of Lonny's creators is Michelle Adams, a former Domino Editor and also the creator of RUBIE GREEN...go figure! The headboard fabric to me is very similar to a fabric by Clarence House--"Dahlia"--to be exact (see About Time). A fabric that I've tried to get my grubby little hands on but unfortunately found it a little too high for my budget. The fabric on the headboard is "Marilyn" and can be ordered directly through Rubie Green. I came very close to ordering a yard yesterday but I figured I had better wait to see how all my projects shake out this year. I would love to see this fabric in a sunroom (preferably my own) on a tufted ottoman, or perhaps a breakfast room (preferably my own), or an office on a settee (preferably my own) or exactly just like it's used here in this application as a headboard.


Here is a picture of Michelle's bedroom...fresh & crisp!
Image from Mabelle Michelle's blog

One thing that I was wondering though...Do you think that Michelle was inspired by this Kate Spade room? I've always loved this room!

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susani said...

Love the Kate Spade one. This yellow remindes me of my Mom's old guest room. Does it you? Similar at least.