Friday, February 26, 2010

AHHHH The Color Green!

My Old Cottage House in Nashville that I'm currently missing!


Ahhh the color green, and as you have probably already guessed by now, it happens to be one of my favorite colors!

In our old bathroom in Nashville, I used Benjamin Moore's
Fernwood Green # 2145-40 and absolutely loved it!

While out a few days ago, and strolling through Crate & Barrel, I noticed a few home accessories with the color green that I'm adding to my spring sprucing-up-the-home list.

Such as these pretty Hampton Green Dinner plates! I'm thinking of just doing the salad plates to mix with my all white dinner plates.

Also, spotted this Marimekko Madison Green shower curtain. Since I'm going to be overhauling bathrooms later on this year...I certainly hope so anyway!

Nonetheless, I'm adding this pretty bathroom to my files. Just spotted this the other day while reading a Habitually Chic post on the Spades. Hence the bathroom is Kate's. Does any one happen to know the wallpaper that she used, here by chance?

Last but not least, spotted these bamboo Caspari napkins at the market last week and bought them. What can I say, instant gratification!

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