Monday, March 31, 2014

Juliska Classic Bamboo plates...Gotta Have Them!

Easter, Mother's Day, perhaps a few Sunday evening soirees, just to name a few, are all entertaining occasions that are coming up. And I am in need of dinner plates, we currently have joke! They're Pottery Barn's Great White plates which I've had for years, I still like them and there easy to add too. But I'm starting to think, since I've always wanted these classic bamboo plates by Juliska now's my chance to mix them in.  I want everything in the collection, but I think that I will start with what I need, which are the dinner plates.  That way, in case, if we have more than three people over, I'll l be in good shape! Any other suggestions on incorporating some natural glamour to my table?  Just let me know!

I would love the flatware as steps though!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leontine Linens...Obsession!

It's time to make over my bed!  It's been awhile and with Spring here, I'm more then ready to get going on it.  I need everything - new pillows, shams, sheets in particular, and a bed skirt.  So I'm currently obsessing over Leontine Linens, which are absolutely beautiful, not the least bit in my budget, and not the least bit practical for my household.  After all, look who does the laundry...see here Leontine Linens is a private company specializing in custom luxurious linens, based in New Orleans.  It all started here with the January issue of Southern Living, Cathy Kincaid made over a small space and created the beautiful bedroom that you see above.  Then there was the February issues of House Beautiful, Sara Ruffin Costello uses then in a preppy and southwestern combo style. Below are a few that will show you just what I mean!!

 Love this by Avera Wagner a Design Firm out of Dallas.  Did I mention I need a headboard too! 

By Kati Ridder - Love the embroidered chopstick monogram! All image above via Leontine Linens

Aerin Lauder's home in the Hampton's shot for Elle Decor which I've always loved!

I'm very much drawn to Leontine linens, love their signature monograms and unique borders.  Indeed a great way to freshen up your bed. While pouring over their website I did notice coming April 1st  - I'll be back! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Spring Essential!

My lemon obsession continues, although this time it's not food.  During our snow storm last month, I cleaned out my old cosmetics case, which was a with purchase.  So since I'm not really into wearing  floral or fruit, a dose of lemons on a cosmetic case will do!  Nice to take on vacation... don't you think?  If I were only going to Capri!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bowood by Colefax & Fowler - Gotta Have It!

My Southern Living arrived at my door last Thursday afternoon. At about ten o'clock that evening, finally some down time to browse. While browsing, the one thing that got my eye was “Chintz Back In Bloom!”...really! But what really got my attention, though, was when the talented Ruthie Sommers said that her favorite chintz was Bowood in Grey/Green by Colefax and Fowler. It happens to be mine as well...imagine that. Ruthie stated “it was a fabric that could have been in a ladies locker room at a country club”. It got me thinking of all the places around Atlanta that could use a nice dose of Bowood, and one in particular, my guest room, that has been left for dead. Anyway, come Friday morning Bowood was still on my mind.
That afternoon, my House Beautiful April issue arrived...what was on the cover? Bowood...that’s right. This time around, the whole house was done in just that one particular fabric. Bowood, in the gray/green colorway—and I stress it has to be gray/green, you know me and my greens—is one of my favorite patterns. For me, it very much epitomizes that English country style that I've always loved. So here are a few that I rounded up. 
Last year, I wrote this when I was thinking of painting my guest room Elizabeth Mayhew's Gray Owl. Here she used Bowood on the headboard. I love how she kept the bedding and everything else very simple! Indeed, this is one way I would use it!

Here you have another one of my favorites - Gil Schafer's  guest room wallpapered in Bowood.

From House and Garden - Love the color of the door too!

Below is fashion designer Tory Burch's home located in the Hamptons - Bowood is used just on the right-hand sofa in the living room. When I googled Bowood, of course, Cote' de Texas popped right up, and I agree with her like I usually do on everything else. It's “fresh and clean”! I've seen this room several times and never noticed the Bowood sofa – how can that be? 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finding French Macarons in the South!

As I type this post, I'm staring at a dog-eared image of French macarons and a LADUREE business card that is sitting on my desk.  I don't know why but I have an obsession with LADUREE and their famous French Macarons.  Perhaps, it's those  beautiful colors of the macarons or that pretty green box that there packaged in...I don't know!  My friend Catherine went to Paris a few years back. I had mentioned to her my obsession with LADUREE (the very famous French tea saloon who perfected the macaron) and one place that I have never been to while in Paris. That afternoon,while chatting with Catherine, I do hope that I did not hint too much to her about my obsession because, later when she arrived back to the States, she called me the next day with excitement and mentioned that she had a perishable from Paris that she needed to give me right away! 
Catherine went way beyond the call of duty and I'm still grateful, especially when she told me about the long line that she waited in to get them!  Later that evening Hubby and I devoured every single one of them.  And yes, beyond that pretty green box and the actual beautiful looking macarons themselves, there really very good!  Take my word!  My empty box sits in a bowl where I keep my keys and sunglasses, and it reminds me of my friend Catherine. 
While reading the March issue of Living, Martha shows us how to make French macarons.  However, I know my culinary skills and this would not end will!  With spring comes lots of showers and hostess gifts, and if your anything like me, you just want to arrive at your destination with a beautiful package.  Or if your a hostess, like me, better yet, you just want to pick something fancy up and set it on a platter.  Guess what? If you don't have a trip to Paris lined up or even New York - I found a few places here in the you go! 
Sucre' - Located in New Orleans, my brother-in-law's neck of the woods. And my friend Coleen is heading there this weekend, who was asking me for suggestions and I couldn't give her anything, until now. And no that is not a hint Coleen! Gluten free too mind you!  I love the box - Perfect hostess gift and they ship. 
Alons - For all my Dunwoody friends!
Douceur de France - Better yet! Located in Roswell my neck of the woods and just around the corner from my house.
Star Provisions - For all my inside of the perimeter friends.   
But if you're anything like me, you just enjoy looking at them! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Perfume Dilemma!

Last Saturday evening while I was getting ready for date night, my little perfume dilemma resurfaced. There I was staring at my one little perfume that I have worn for many years, now reminding me of my burden. Don't laugh, but I've worn Amarige by Givenchy now for more then a decade. I discovered it way before I was married, even got my mother-in-law hooked on it.

Last fall, every magazine that arrived in my mailbox had an article on all the new fragrances coming out, with expert advice right along with tips for purchasing the perfect scent! Some good advice - so why then do I have this dilemma?  


Closer to the holidays, the week before Christmas to be exact, my allure to revamp my dated perfume came when Ms. Gwen arrived in my office wearing a lovely fresh scent that I thought I could do. Now, my time management skills are not the best – there is always Christmas shopping that I always put off until the week before, dinner parties that I wait until last minute to throw, and then there was work. Does sitting at my hairdresser and pulling out samples count as testing a perfume? I did take a few minutes while out doing a little Christmas shopping to whip by the perfume counter. I almost bought one because I liked the bottle, but left empty-handed, and that is where I am today. Any suggestions?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Craving Yellow!

After the last couple of days here in Atlanta, I'm craving a little yellow.  Image below from Better Homes and Garden.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014 Gournay!

My spring cleaning always  seems to have a way of morphing into much bigger things other then just wiping things down with a little  baking soda and vinegar.  You can see what I mean by reading last year's list, "Not Too Late for Some Spring Cleaning".  And I still don't have all that stuff done yet!

I'm sure this year is no different than all the years past but my visions for extending my spring cleaning all started last week.  I started off on a beautiful spring day by reading GBGP's daily blog on de Gournay and Gracie wallpaper--wallpaper that I have only wanted for years now!  I wrote  "One Fine Day - de Gournay!" five years ago, and I'm still not there just yet! Anyway, while reading the  GBGP post it got my juices flowing again.

De-Gournay and Gracie wallpapers are expensive, and I could never afford to do a whole room, or even one wall for that matter!  As the saying goes, "the more things change the more they stay the same".  Case in point - my tiny closet!  The perfect place for wallpaper that I can't afford, plus I've always wanted it there to begin with--my little oasis, if you will!  With spring almost here, I have the huge task of taking out all my winter clothes anyway!  Now there's my opportunity to add wallpaper...Don't you think?

So here's a small backup plan that won't break the bank, and won't take long at all.  Scented drawer liners from Crabtree and Evelyn, which may have to suffice for my closet until that "One Fine Day", and  to give me a little  floral boost that I'm craving now!  Plus it's scented!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy Week!

Monday - Beautiful weather here in the South.  Spent a little time browsing my new favorite store, Terrain, and found loads of stuff I want!  Later that day spotted this Barbour jacket--thought about ordering, though still on austerity. Plus, probably won't need it!
Tuesday -  Had lunch with my good friend Ann.  Discussed her upcoming trip to London and Paris.  Forgot to mention to her about this site for some cool travel the maps!
Wednesday - So much for spring - back to Arctic temperatures!  Glad I did not go crazy at the nursery Sunday.  Wished I would have ordered the jacket in green, of course!  Read this article (hairdresser needs more chic magazine)  while trying to decompress having hair done...felt better!
Thursday - This morning felt like the "Michelin Man" while out walking Ellie. Dash out of the house to retake picture for passport renewal. What to wear? Still cold!  Perhaps will order jacket tonight!  Later while at Trader Joe's, saw a woman wearing cute rain jacket. Then  Lemon - Ricotta Cupcakes, found in Food and Wine popped in my mind.  Must add them to my Lemon repertoire from last week.
 Friday - Not there yet...fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Always Set The Table!

I know some of you probably think that I'm pretty bossy with Hubby's cooking but he's from New Orleans and actually enjoys it.  Even his dad does most of the cooking at his house, just something about those New Orleanian men.  Ask my mother-in-law how many meals she's fixed over the course of the years.   But for someone who has had a  "Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here" plaque hanging  right outside her front door for the last ten years, she always sets the table!  I just purchased The Set Table last week and in the introduction, the author reminds us that we don't need fancy china and stemware to have a well-set table and I couldn't agree more! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Light...Gotta Have It!

The other day while working on a project, I complied a list of things that I love, and like to incorporate in my life.  One thing that made the list was natural light.  Every place that we have ever  lived I choose based on a  lot  of natural light!  Forget the closet space, which I always seem to do!  Now my current kitchen still needs some work in the lighting process,  but this kitchen above came to my mind!  If ever given a choice between a lot of natural light  like above and a  Viking stove - do you know what I would pick?  I don't cook that much to justify one anyway!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Notes from the garden!

Well, it's finally that time of the year!  The daffodils are popping up, even spotted a few cherry blossom,with the dogwoods next and the azalea around the corner. As you can imagine,  it was beautiful here in Atlanta this past weekend.  For me, I spent the weekend doing my early March chores...clean up and pruning.  I did hit the garden nursery to pick up some lawn bags and thought about picking up a few more Helleborus  to go with my solo.  But figured that it was best to wait to really take note of everything that I needed.   I really love gardening but I'm by no means an expert!  One particular person, I won't mention names, even calls me the "Death Master".  But that's OK because  I'm getting some good advice and will share here very soon...I'm so excited!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lemons...on my mind!

Since January I've had nothing but lemon dessert recipes on my mind.  Perhaps it's that beautiful lemony color, I don't know.  But first there was the February issues of House & I found this delicious looking lemon tart that you see above. The food editor, Eric Vellend said that he puts "extra yolks in the curd to boost the color".  Something else that was a little different about this particular lemon tart that I have never seen, he used cornmeal as well.  He even added a guilt free version which I did indeed take note of.

Then last week, I found these Skinny Lemon Bars from my new favorite go-to food site, The Skinny Fork.  I just love that name--so cute!   Here's one more lemon dessert for you, this Saturday while browsing through the April issue of Country Living I came upon this Meyer-Lemon Tart with Gingersnap Crust...sold!  I'm a pretty easy sale when it comes to gingersnaps.  Over the holidays I had Hubby whipping up all kinds of  cheesecakes with a gingersnap crust.  But if you happen to be watching your weight like I should be doing, then you can always do a big bowl of lemons and call it a day!  Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Inspires You?


I met my buddy Cruella the other day at an antiques store, just one of our usual meeting spots. Since I was running a little late, she had already scoured the store.  When I caught up with her she handed me an Imari plate that she knew I would love!  Hmmm...another plate that neither of us needs like a hole in the head. But for twenty-something dollars, neither one of us could resist it.  It's an old one too, so naturally I grabbed it!   

I guess my point here today, with the weather unpredictable here a lot lately, if I were asked what inspires me durning the cold winter season, my answer would be, hands down, all the many porcelains that I've picked up here and there with my buddy Cruella (see here).  Fresh flowers are sometime hard to get to when your snowed in!

Guess what?  I'm going to get my buddy Cruella  (see here) to share a few tips on porcelains.  More to come...later! 

 Your turn...what inspires you?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


After our beautiful Sunday here in Atlanta, most of us, including me, were gearing up for Spring.  Finally, time to put away all those boots that are taking up valuable real estate in my closet.  I've been in the South long enough to know better than changing out your closet. just because you have one or two good days here and there.  Like I always say, "you can get all four season in one day"!  Oh well, time to bust out the hot chocolate.  

But anyway, I know most women have very different things at the top of their spring list.  Believe it or not, I have garden gloves at the top of mine.  My current gloves have so many holes in them they're not even worth putting on, and my rose bushes are in need of some desperate trimming.  I was doing a little browsing  the other day and found these from Red Envelope.  

Come much more elegant can you get with garden gloves?

Monday, March 3, 2014

House & Home March issue...a must read!

I've enjoyed each and every issue of  Canadian House & Home  since I started subscribing over a year ago. My favorite in this month's March issue is "Warm Welcome".  If you have a chance, check it out.  For "Girl Stuff"  Wednesday, I've got some cool gardening gloves that I'll share with you.  Later! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Labels, Labels, Labels!

I'm little obsessed with labels.  There is just something about personalizing your pasta, rice, chickpeas and plants and herbs that I love!  I bought the ones above from Crate & Barrel last year.

I found these at Terrain.  Love this store!

And these! Great spring hostess gift for the gardener.
Happy organizing Monday!