Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Perfume Dilemma!

Last Saturday evening while I was getting ready for date night, my little perfume dilemma resurfaced. There I was staring at my one little perfume that I have worn for many years, now reminding me of my burden. Don't laugh, but I've worn Amarige by Givenchy now for more then a decade. I discovered it way before I was married, even got my mother-in-law hooked on it.

Last fall, every magazine that arrived in my mailbox had an article on all the new fragrances coming out, with expert advice right along with tips for purchasing the perfect scent! Some good advice - so why then do I have this dilemma?  


Closer to the holidays, the week before Christmas to be exact, my allure to revamp my dated perfume came when Ms. Gwen arrived in my office wearing a lovely fresh scent that I thought I could do. Now, my time management skills are not the best – there is always Christmas shopping that I always put off until the week before, dinner parties that I wait until last minute to throw, and then there was work. Does sitting at my hairdresser and pulling out samples count as testing a perfume? I did take a few minutes while out doing a little Christmas shopping to whip by the perfume counter. I almost bought one because I liked the bottle, but left empty-handed, and that is where I am today. Any suggestions?

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