Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bowood by Colefax & Fowler - Gotta Have It!

My Southern Living arrived at my door last Thursday afternoon. At about ten o'clock that evening, finally some down time to browse. While browsing, the one thing that got my eye was “Chintz Back In Bloom!”...really! But what really got my attention, though, was when the talented Ruthie Sommers said that her favorite chintz was Bowood in Grey/Green by Colefax and Fowler. It happens to be mine as well...imagine that. Ruthie stated “it was a fabric that could have been in a ladies locker room at a country club”. It got me thinking of all the places around Atlanta that could use a nice dose of Bowood, and one in particular, my guest room, that has been left for dead. Anyway, come Friday morning Bowood was still on my mind.
That afternoon, my House Beautiful April issue arrived...what was on the cover? Bowood...that’s right. This time around, the whole house was done in just that one particular fabric. Bowood, in the gray/green colorway—and I stress it has to be gray/green, you know me and my greens—is one of my favorite patterns. For me, it very much epitomizes that English country style that I've always loved. So here are a few that I rounded up. 
Last year, I wrote this when I was thinking of painting my guest room Elizabeth Mayhew's Gray Owl. Here she used Bowood on the headboard. I love how she kept the bedding and everything else very simple! Indeed, this is one way I would use it!

Here you have another one of my favorites - Gil Schafer's  guest room wallpapered in Bowood.

From House and Garden - Love the color of the door too!

Below is fashion designer Tory Burch's home located in the Hamptons - Bowood is used just on the right-hand sofa in the living room. When I googled Bowood, of course, Cote' de Texas popped right up, and I agree with her like I usually do on everything else. It's “fresh and clean”! I've seen this room several times and never noticed the Bowood sofa – how can that be? 


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