Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loving Elizabeth Mayhew's Grey Owl!

Yesterday, while trying to get out the door for work, not  always easy at my house--Ellie gets time out a lot barking at those chipmunks.  I always have the Today Show on and I  was able to catch lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew, whom I've always admired.  This segment was "Summer Entertaining Made Easy"... catch that here.  A couple of things--I enjoyed getting a little peek at Elizabeth's new house (she said it was an old cheese factory) with architect Gil Schafer, whom I love as well...catch that here.  Everything I could see about her house I loved, especially her kitchen! 

Note to self:  Try to get white tin plates from Target
Note to self : Try the savory cheesecake dish.I could use a few more things for my Repertoire

One thing that I made note of was Elizabeth's "7 Shades of Gray"...catch that here.  I remembered reading her article in the Washington Post last year. This jogged my memory about my guest room, with unmade beds and desperate for a paint job.  The Gray Owl paint  chip has been sitting in the room for months now--my first excuse was the Holiday, New Year's organizing activities, and then vacation. I say it's time to try Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.  What do you think?

P.S. Elizabeth, you're not alone!

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