Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank You Sis!!!

Wednesday "Girl Stuff"
This summer is really not going as I expected. I had such high hopes and  beautiful visions:
7: 00 A.M.Hubby delivers a  perfect cup of  frothed coffee
7:15 A.M. I hit the road for my daily jog
8:00 A.M. Swoon Ellie around the block for her daily exercise which only only takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on her mood and the heat
8:20 A.M.  Shower and blow dry my hair without shorting a fuse in our master bedroom
9:15 A.M.  Pop by Starbucks for my daily non fat short blonde Misto
9:25 A.M. Arrive at work able to put  my bag away  before telephone rings
12:00 P.M.  Have my daily lunch of low fat cottage cheese and tomatoes without any interruptions
4:30 P.M.  Do a little shopping for Summer clothes and Shooz that I'm still missing (See I Need Shooz)
6:15 P.M. Pick Ellie up from Doggie daycare and hope she's not the last doggie left
6:30 P.M. Arrive home to a beautiful landscaped yard with no limbs down, no weeds, and no overgrown hydrangeas that are not where they should be (See Hubbies in the Garden)
8:15 P.M. Enjoy a glass of white wine with Hubby (White for the summer)
8:20 P.M. Count all the lightening bugs outside my beautiful landscaped yard
8:30 P.M. Dine Al fresco style !
9:00 P.M. Blog my heart away!
10:00 P.M. Let Ellie out one last time for the evening and Night Night we go...
Though, with all this terrible rain and with Ellie's arthritis, with Hubby's touch up to his lasik that he just had done two weeks ago, and his 60+ hour work week, needless to say, I have not done or bought too many girl things.


But this past Saturday late in the afternoon the FedEx delivery guy arrived at my house.  I had just finished hand mopping my floors, so  I made Hubby answer the door.  Could not bear to  let the FedEx guy see me.  Hubby come bouncing up the stairs with a box.  Of course, I knew who it was from!  Thank You Sis! This goes on the list with the little red swim suit that you gave to me for my birthday...Oh, How many years ago was that?

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Anonymous said...

I hope you love the Lollia as much as I do. BTW- I think you were around 7 when we got you that red suit. Fun memories.