Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hubby's in the Garden?

This past Saturday I made a mad dash to Home Depot for a few things that I needed for around the house.  I should have known better, especially on a beautiful holiday weekend.  Traffic was like going to Stone Mountain on the 4th of July (been there, done that).
I seem to hit the same section every time while at the Depot.  I went cruising through the lighting section; I then hit the bathroom section for my bathroom redo.  And as I was stampeding toward the garden section to pick up flowers for around my mailbox, I couldn’t help but notice all the couples.  Many very young and with their two- or three-year-old in tow.  How nice, I thought, couples taking their time, strolling through the garden section and choosing flowers for their home together!   My Hubby, on the other hand, was home, supposedly weeding or doing the Gardening To Do List that I gave to him before I left!
Afterwards, I headed home to drop off my pine straw, (and to move Hubby along in our gardening process). I headed to another nursery.  This time though, I saw a few women like me, I would say…on a mission and with Hubbies at home supposedly doing their gardening duties!  Trust me, I could just tell.  I could write a whole book on this subject!  Here’s a little of the back story
This time last year, Hubby demanded a high-powered weed-wacker.  Boy was he proud coming home with his new toy.  One early Saturday morning while testing his new weed-wacker, he quickly discovered we had yellow jackets.  Ellie and I were soundly asleep when all of a sudden Hubby comes running into the house screaming like a big baby. Ellie and I, if I recall, were highly annoyed that he woke us up.  When I came down for my coffee, I discovered he had the binoculars out spying on the yellow jackets.   As if the yellow jackets were scheming to attack the Hubby. We were leaving later that afternoon to go his parent’s mountain cabin and the entire rest of the weekend, he was plotting how he was going to eliminate the yellow jackets.    
Anyway, I was so miffed because I knew deep down he was never going back up that hill to do my yard.   He did manage to get rid of the yellow jackets but the high-end weed-wacker ended up in shop numerous times.
As the year progressed, he loaned out his ladder to his good buddy John, who had to paint his wife, Kristen’s house.  She is a friend of mine as well…What could I say?  They do live on the other side of town so naturally this was a good excuse for hubby not to get his ladder back to clean the gutters.  Yeah…I finally had guys come this past Saturday.
Moving on into the year, Hubby’s birthday is early September.  Just in time for us to be bombarded with leaves.  Remind me later, and I’ll give you the back history on our plot of land, it a little over an acre. So I’m sure you can imagine what I’m dealing with. 
 Hubby decided it’s time to asked mommy & daddy for a high-powered leaf blower.  Granted, this would be our fourth leaf blower.  One leaf blower he accidentally ran over, so it’s wrapped with duct tape.  But oh well, that’s the one I use.
Just our luck, Hubby pointed out that we ended up with another faulty dud just like our high-end weed-wacker.  By the way, the fancy leaf blower is heading into the shop first thing tomorrow.  FYI He keeps the repair men on his speed dial.
This morning while out on my morning jog (which really had me thinking on this subject), I noticed a few couples out primping their yards.  Both couples were indeed very much middle aged.  One lady was instructing her hubby on digging a hole so she could do some planting.  I could tell she was in charge.  Another lady was instructing her hubby on trimming their much-overgrown tree. I could tell she was charge too.
All in all, cooking, cleaning, and gardening…if you have a hubby that does one of the three consider yourself lucky.  If you have a hubby that does two of the three consider yourself insanely lucky.   This afternoon, (while winding down our long holiday weekend with a broken air conditioner) after asking hubby to take down some much needed bushes he told me he need a new chain saw.  What do you think?
To be continued…


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coleen~ said...

I am insanely lucky, too! And the best part is that I really even have to ask.. .....