Sunday, May 19, 2013

Who Wants a Pretty Linen Closet?

I do!!  OK we’ve been in our house longer then I’m going to admit to you.  It’s embarrassing that my sheets pillowcases—twins, queens, and kings—are piled high in two stacks in my guest room (which is finally getting painted this weekend).   I did manage to take all my old Ralph Lauren sheets to Good Will last year…Yeah!  The one pair of sheets that I donated was his homage to the Victorian era.  Funny, I just spotted those sheets while on a home tour a few weeks ago.   Anyway, you can’t keep them all, especially when you used to be a sheet-oholic!

I won’t get into the long story but my linen closet is in a bathroom that needs gutting.  Short story is I’m at least going to get the sheets sorted by using these linen containers from the Container Store.  I actually spotted them while shopping for something to sort all my handbags and read a review how a  lady suggested using them for sheets…Perfect!

On a quick side note a few years ago I wrote this:
This past fall, I wrote how I wanted to organize my blog a little (see Best Tomato Pie Ever). It looked a little something quite like this:
 Monday “Kicking the Week off Right & Getting Organized”
Tuesday –
How about
“Down with Some Serious Decorating”
-Hump day...time for something fun such as,“Girl Stuff
Thursday of course was going to be getting ready for the weekend. You know "Happenings Around the South". A few places that I’ve been (still have yet to talk about the Hermitage home with all its original wallpaper). Where does the time go?

With leaving Friday as you guessed it, the weekend and time for “Recipes & Entertaining” So here you go. 
I may give Thursday a quick tweak!

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