Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Not Too Late for some Spring Cleaning!

I haven’t even been home a week yet and the reality of my home projects have kicked in:  

·         Gutting a bathroom (perhaps adding that coffee bar in there for our new Santa Fe Starbucks coffee mug)

·         Painting my home office (perhaps finally getting a desk in there…could be helpful)

·         Painting the guest room (perhaps putting some sheets on the bed…could be nice especially if we have a guest!)

·         Painting Hubby’s home office (perhaps putting away his high school yearbooks)

·         Having Frank (the new man in my life) build bookcases in Ellie’s chipmunk-stalking room

·          Installing French doors in my dining room

·         Getting the toilet changed in my powder room

·         Painting the incredibly ugly brick wrapped around my house

·         I will spare you my jungle that awaits me outside! 

As I was just talking to my neighbor about vacations—she is getting ready to go on one, whereas I just came back from one—we got on the subject of house projects. Now this could have had something to do with me complaining just about everything that I mentioned above, but, like she said, “Where does one start”… ahhhh! 

 Of course, all these projects have been lurking around and have been neglected for some time, but as I told myself, once back from vacation they would have my full attention. But that’s not even true, because I have no $$$, and this is something that Frank does not want to hear.  Though, before leaving for vacation, anything having to do with spring cleaning had my deepest attention. 

Most people who know me know that I hand mop my floors every Sat.  It is indeed  the only type A personality that I have.   My mother- in-law even gave me a Swifter last year for my birthday,  to somewhat ease my burden.   But, there is nothing like my good old vinegar and water.  Most importantly, I got this confirmation from the Ritz!  Check this out!

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