Friday, May 24, 2013

Just A Few Things For Some Easy Summer Entertaining!

I wish I has some really exciting new adventures to report to you for this summer...but I don't.  Though it appears that I will be knocking off a few things from my home list - see "Cleaning the Ritz Way".  I do think we'll  manage to hit a few summer outdoor concerts.  Pat Benatar is playing at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens...gotta see Pat! Then their is  Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan (my favorite) and the Allmen Brothers to name a few.  Perhaps we'll take in a movie or two...who knows.  And finally, we'll manage to do a wee bit of entertaining.  You know Father's Day is fast approaching!  
I have been eyeing these Williams Sonoma bamboo servers for some time.  I almost bought them last year when I  gave Hubby a  Birthday party.  Perfect to toss a salad!  

Oh, then there are my cute cast iron skillets, which I talked about here.  I forgot to mention earlier to you that you can buy then in different size.  Perfect for your 4th of July blackberry cobbler!

I have been eyeing these canning jars from Crate & Barrel since Jan.  I was trying to figure out how to organize my disastrous spices...more on that later!  I don't do canning but I love them.  I'm going to grab  a few for picnics and I can always use them as drinking glasses. they come in different size & you can stack them.
We have been invited to a Memorial day party this weekend and I'm  taking  Ina's Sun-dried tomato dip from my all time favorite The Barefoot Contessa.  Which is full of easy summer time recipes.! 

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