Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gotta Have 'em...Mini Cast Iron Skillets!

I can’t believe Memorial Day is just around the corner!  And then Father’s Day will be here before you know it!  I still don’t know what we’re doing this year but last year for father’s day I bought these adorable cast iron skillets that I had spied in Southern Living.   Even did the berry cobbler recipe shown below with it.  Hubby actually whipped it up but I gave him the recipe and bought the skillets for him! 


I love these mini cast iron skillets…sky is the limit with them.  While on vacation in Santa Fe we went to a restaurant called Graham’s (actually it was in Taos) and they served anything in the cast iron skillets: from my Mac & cheese with green chilies to my blue corn enchiladas with green chilies.  Though I did not have the dessert with green chilies, I did spot the waitress carrying out a few desserts in my cast iron skillets.
Just this past Sat, on my way out for my jog (always have the Food Network on),  Ina was doing a delicious slooking brownie in yet again my adorable cast iron skillets.  Love them!!!

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