Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Help...I Have a House to Paint!

Just my luck, I have the ugliest brick house on my block.  I was very much aware of this when we bought the house almost two years ago but kept telling myself just a few easy changes.  When we first moved in I had the gutters painted in Benjamin Moore's Sail Cloth and the shutters painted in  Benjamin Moore's Silhouette. Painting those two things did indeed help...but still!
I bumped into my good friend Catherine on New Year's Eve at the Symphony and told her about my little dilemma.  Her response was  "I love painted brick." As I was drinking my champagne I was thinking the same thing. I just don't want to screw it up! 
By February, I  decided Ito move this to my priority list!  Time to paint the the ugly brick wrapped around my house.  The house is a  1970's  brick traditional and is brick on all four sides.  So once painted there is no going back, and I don't want it too yellow or too white...whewww!
Below is a house that I saw in Southern Living this past March and absolutely love it! Plus I already have the bronze sconces.

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