Friday, May 3, 2013


I Need SHOOZ!!

OK…I’m off to Santa Fe this weekend and have absolutely no shooz to take with me!   Now, I realize this is not a hard packing task for most women.  There are women out there who have the perfect shoes for every scenario – jaunting through the airport, strolling the seaside villages, and, something I never been a fan of hiking through the rugged rainy mountains.  Once, while on vacation in Vancouver, after doing some heaving duty walking in the city and by not packing the right shoes -  I spent the entire afternoon trying to find a size six tennis shoes, only to learn that Vancouver  is heavily populated , and I do stress heavily, with size 6 women.  I’m the type of person who of course never packs the right stuff and ends up packing shoes I never wear, dresses that I never wear etc. etc.  Getting comments and looks from Hubby, Mother – in-law, friends, you name it “That’s what you’re wearing”  “Yes,” I say in response, “I’ll be fine”.  Only to make it down the road wishing I had some comfortable SHOOZ!  This time though, I told myself things would be different!

Three weeks ago, after I started changing out my wardrobe  to decide what I would need this spring and summer season, and to take on my approaching trip to Sana Fe, Shooz were a major thing on my list.  Here’s where I am:
Two weeks ago, I blew a whole day at work tracking down these incredibly cute Tory Burch Espadrilles.  The UPS guy delivered them just this past Thursday…Ahh so happy!   Now I knew in the back of my mind these would probably not be the most practical shoes for my trip to the Southwest.  But hey, once I tracked them down, I figured I’ll have them for when I get back.

I do realize that I need a pair of cute, comfortable Shooz to get through the airport, Shooz for strolling the streets and Shooz for a dinner night out or two.  And of course, I’ll have to pack my beat-up, ragged tennis shooz that I have to have to jog in.  Last Friday, I came home with these cute wedges. Not at all expensive—If something happens, who cares.  My thinking was I could break them in for my dinner night out with Hubby.  Oh no, I barely made it  down my stairs and realized that I could probably fall off these Shooz and break my ankle. If I’m scared to go to dinner in them…end of story.

The last time I saw my hairdresser, she made the comment that the last several times she has seen me, I’ve been in my willies.  They were the best investment I made last fall.  I have the flat green. 

It was calling for rain last weekend.  Guess who was scheduled to do the Inman Park home tour? I’ve been doing these home tours long enough and I know how they operate – you have to either take off your shoes or put on booties to go into each house.   After all, who wants complete strangers walking around their home with wet, dirty Shooz?  Not wanting to deal with my hunter boots, I left them at home…of course, it poured, wishing the whole time I had these flats that I had been eyeing. 

 I wanted the Tory in navy, which would go with everything this spring and summer, but she was  out.     I did find the Hunter flats, but the stores that had them did not have the colors I wanted.  Ewww… would have to order.  But really, this is something that can wait until I get back. After all, how much does it rain  in the desert?  By coincidence, just today, I had an early morning meeting over by Nordstrom’s, so I went to try them on for size.   I would never do neon color…but size 6 black…hmmm!  I picked up a few other things that I needed, and had visions of my new leather wedges getting drenched…after all, they’ll fit nicely in my tote.  One day left...Wish me luck!!!

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coleen~ said...

Glad you're back!
I always have problems with shooz, too. But i don't wear cute heels. ...hiking /walking shoes ...seems like I walk differently when I'm touring so even some of my tried and true aren't good choices. Then i'm in a total quandry if I need something a but more stylish. I just expect to have foot anguish...
Have a great trip!