Monday, May 27, 2013

Gotta Have 'em... Glass Storage Containers

Monday - Getting Organized 
Ok, how many of you have switched all your food storage over to glass?  It has taken me a little while but I am slowly getting there.  My friend Colleen ( I call her Martha if that tells you anything) first introduced me to them.  She brought me and Janice, a co-worker friend, lunch in one. Ahhh! I started with a couple from The Container Store.  Below.You know me--love the green silicone seal lid!!
Then, a few months ago, I bought these from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I used  my coupon! Such a great price!!! Just a clear seal.   
I am looking to add a few more  to my collection.  Their compact, stack able and attractive!  Plus, I know it's strange but just like with my shoes (see Spring Organizing )  use see them you wear them.  Here you see it and you will eat it. Because it's all neatly stacked!   
Below,  just the other day while reading Martha's June issue I  noticed she has a  set for
Macy.  Here I love the Blue green tint seal!!  Decisions...Decisions!  

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