Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Organizing

I’m so happy to have the Container Store back in my life! I’m on my way there now in the pouring down rain to pick up a few things to get my life organized. One thing on my list is their clear shoeboxes. Although, one of my old co-worker’s (Faye from Nashville) never liked them. She thought they took up too much room. Last year, she and I thoroughly discussed this when I was trying to do something with my tiny 1930’s closet and didn’t have the funds for a full, knock-out-the -walls redo. I never actually saw Faye’s closet but I had vision of it being very custom!

Hence, the shoeboxes work for me because I can stack according to summer flats, summer heels, evening summer heels, winter flats, winter heels, evening gown heels, etc… Most importantly, I think it keeps the dust off your shoes. Plus, I can see them - well sort of! Now my very lucky mother in-law, on the other hand, keeps all her original shoeboxes and assigned my father in-law the task of taking pictures of all her shoes, which I would think would have been no easy task for him; at the very least time consuming! Her shoes spill all the way out of her master closet into my hubby’s old bedroom closet and she is now approaching hubby’s little brother’s closet. The nice thing now though, is when she comes home with a few new pairs of shoes it won’t take my father in-law nearly as long since he has already done the legwork.

How do you like your shoes?

Both Images from Real Simple


Cote de Texas said...

my closet is a disaster zone. I have organizers for my shoes, but I need more. ughhh.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment - you said the nicest things! thanks!!!!!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Can't begin to tell you how much I love this post and the post on home staging! We are renovating another house--I may have told you that. I am way too "type A" I suppose. I want everything in PERFECT order. That is SO not happening-I wish it was. I want to be Martha. I want to be Martha. Do you think if I keep saying that it will come true?

By the way, I'm with you on the clear shoe organizers. They keep the dust off while you can see what you've got. Plus, if you find some dandies at TJ's or Marshalls--there is no original box.

(Mrs. Meyer's Geranium is my scent of choice for this week!)
Keep the tips coming. I love it!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Granny:

Thank you! No - did not know you were in the process of renovating another house. I hear you-I want to be Martha too! Lucky girl! I'm going to try geranium scent, I've always wonder about it. P.S. loved your door post from the other day! Posting one Friday that you may like!