Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Entertaining!

Easter is fast approaching. Just the other day, I finally started thinking on what the hubby and I should do this year. Brunch out at one our favorite restaurants (Horseradish Grill or Canoe) or an early dinner at home. My Hubby always likes the brunch idea...he seems to think that it is more cost effective! I guess, you may say, I have a small tendency to go overboard when entertaining at home! For the Easter holiday, I can really go both ways--a nice pleasant brunch out while admiring everyone’s new Easter outfits, or staying home and trying new egg and asparagus recipes. So here it is!!!!!!

I’ve always admired Williams Sonoma’s Blue Willow collection. I love these plates--maybe Easter breakfast or perhaps Mother’s day now that’s an idea!

While browsing Williams Sonoma’s website I came across these beautiful Jacquard woven napkins. I usually do white hotel napkins, but I love the yellow--plus they're on sale!

One thing about being back in Atlanta, is that I’m glad to have Crate & Barrel around the corner again. I know most would say family and friends, really me too, but I did miss my Crate & Barrel! While living in Nashville, I always meant to write a letter to the Nashville city council letting them know that Crate & Barrel would be good for the city, and while they were at it, how about the Container Store. It’s a very ugly, rainy afternoon here in Atlanta–I’m saying goodbye to all my fellow coffee drinkers, packing up my computer, and heading over to Crate & Barrel and who knows! And whatever we decide to do this year for Easter (brunch or home) I do know one thing that I’ll be doing and that’s putting together Easter baskets--hubby, dogs, in-laws etc...

Your preference--brunching out or entertaining at home?


GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm an "entertain at home" kind of gal. There is just nothing as special as pulling out all of your pretties to welcome your family and friends. Yes, there is stress and expense involved, but it's worth it. I say have a brunch at home--and call it "pot luck" by having everyone bring a dish. The hubs should be happy with that too!

If I only had time to get by WS. I guess I'll just have to surf this time.

Happy spring!

Lisa D. said...

Hi Grannny:

I was just thinking of you the other day. Have you had a chance to finish Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns? Would love to hear! Thanks for the tips - may just do that.

Lisa said...

Who knew the Easter Bunny had a little helper? Blue Willow is always a good choice. What a pretty table that would make!