Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Style Dilemma!

Well, we're way into summer and I’m making do with most of my things that I have purchased from the last couple of years. My style,  which I should probably explain first, is easy, simple and comfortable. Basically, no neon, no polka-dots, and no flowers.  My good friend Jill, who just opened a clothing shop (think Anthropology), calls me Charlotte. Basically, she thinks I’m boring, but I take it as a complement! Another thing that most people don’t know about me is I hate to shop, I actually despise it!  One of the reasons is because I'm short, and kind of  hippie, and I need a good petite department. So you can see, shopping is a challenge!

Here’s my daily uniform agenda - all basic things--no big events to speak of!

Work – Business-casual for me--either a skirt or dress in the summer months

Running errands –Just can’t leave my house in a holy t-shirt after my daily jog.

Lunch with girlfriends –Atlanta is not LA or New York, but close enough!

Date Night with Hubby – Which is usually just cheap Mexican food.

A few summer concerts and movies

Before leaving for vacation this past May I made my Spring/Summer list and it went a little something like this:
  1. Dresses – Shirt/shift and sheath – We’ll talk!
  2. Skirts – A line – No more pencil skirts for me please! I feel like Mrs. Tudball
  3. Jeans White/colored – I did purchase these colored ankle jeans from Talbots in green which I thought I would love with navy blue. They don’t look all that great on me. As for the white I’m about to give up and make do with last years that have a dot of red wine on them...so frustrated
  4. Shorts – I just bought my first pair in years at the Gap "The boyfriend roll-up shorts"
  5. Tunics /blouses – We’ll Talk!
  6. T-shirts – J.Crew –Bought a few of the linen in different colors and love them

7. Cardigans/Pullovers --- Just order Bean’s French Sailor’s Shirts in Navy/Cream & Gray Heather/cream.  Still waiting on package.

8.  Jackets – Military Jacket –We’ll talk!
9.  Totes /Clutches and More - We’ll talk!
10. Shooz – We’ll talk!

Now, I'm glad I didn't find much...Ahhhh the summer sales!!!  Oppps I have a Yes concert this coming Sunday and they are playing with the Symphony.  Better get shopping!

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