Monday, July 22, 2013

More Glass Jars Please!

Yes, it's true, I have a thing for glass jars...can't get enough of them!  At beginning of the year, I was in the market for some new ones.  I already had the ones you see above which you can get from most stores - Target or Ikea to name a few.  The glass jars you see, again, above, are on my kitchen counter storing milk bones and such.  But for my small pantry I needed some smaller ones to store the rest of our dry goods - oatmeal, rice and pasta that we never eat.  Though when food is stored in glass jars it become a work of art and so much more organized.  Don't you think?  

I spotted these in all the different shapes that she used.  Look how organized!

And then in the January issue of Real Simple I spotted these glass jars.  It looks like they came from Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond.  I ended up getting these jars from the Container Store You know what?  What a decision!!!

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