Monday, July 8, 2013

A Carriage Door for Me!

With all this rain here in Atlanta I'm never going to get my house painted.  My friend Collen told me to wait until next year but I just can't do that.  Once it's painted, though, let me tell you my next move.  I'm going to change out the garage door to a cute carriage one, that I've always wanted! 

The short story here is, this past January, January 2nd to be exact, as luck would have it, our second thing to break in the new year was the garage door--it would not shut.  They actual door is  fairly new,  not dilapidated by any means, so replacing it is harder to justify.  After getting out of the car and going inside the garage and playing with the shutter, the inside chain comes crashing down. 

So when the  gentlemen from the garage door company came to fix the problem, it was a pretty easy fix.  And of course...he upsold me on some rollers.  But anyway, I told him that one day I wanted a cute little carriage door.  And guess what?  He pulled out a brochure and told me  they did those too!  Here's the one I have in mind.  Now I just need to get my house painted and for hubby go crashing out of the back of the garage door.  You know, he did that once before...fingers crossed!

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