Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easy rotisserie chicken enchiladas!

Friday "Entertaining and Simply Delicious Recipes"

I thought Friday would never get here. I'm just sitting here at home waiting for the electrician to come so I can have some lighting in my bedroom. I should be organizing or cleaning something, but, oh well.  So  I have a few minutes to write about these easy rotisserie chicken enchiladas that I just recently discovered.

A few weeks ago my friend Carol from work had me and my friend  Colleen over to her house for a little ladies' lunch.  As soon as I arrived, Carol asked me while sipping her  Margarita (alcohol free mind you)  "that I hope you don't mind but I'm  doing chicken enchiladas".  My response, "Mind...are you kidding?"  I had been looking here and there, but not too hard, for an easy chicken enchiladas recipe. Also, in the summer months I like to do more Mexican dishes.

So I  immediately told Carol that I had been looking for an easy chicken enchiladas recip,e but I don't think she believed me.   I was very excited to hear what she had cooked up.  Carol pulled out this recipe card that she said she picked up at Publix.  Wait a minute...Publix that's where I do my grocery shopping every Monday.  Then she added, you basically just pick up a rotisserie chicken.  Wait a another minute here...Guess who picks up a rotisserie chicken every Monday?  And then, she said, the rest of  the ingredients were are on the recipe card that you can pick up when you walk into the store.  "It doesn't get much easier then that!" And I complete agree!!


Now I need to find an easy salsa recipe. A few weeks ago,  I picked up Paul Newman's which is good; I buy alot of  his products, but with tomato season here upon us, oh, there is just something so dreadfully wrong about that!  Don't you agree? 

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