Monday, July 22, 2013

Julia Reed's "The House On First Strret"

A few years ago, no it's more like several years ago by now, I read Julia Reed's "The House On First Street" see  "Book Report Alert".  After reading about her renovation process while dealing with Hurricane Katrina I was delighted to actually see pictures of her house in Elle Decor.  I loved her whole house, and to see it click here.  Here's one particular room that is currently on my mind...her sunroom.  I don't currently have a sunroom,  my mudroom (which stores my wicker furniture from my old sunroom) can only go so far.  Though, my mind was pondering.

1.  Love the slip covered sofa in cotton duck
2.  Love the armchairs upholstered in Bennison's crewelwork linen
3.  Love the English Victorian Bamboo table
4.  Love the wall of window with all the natural light!
5.  Love the basic coffee table painted in Benjamin Moore's River Blue.
I'm Thinking about painting an old table that came from my mother-In-law's basement.  What could I say?, She unloaded it onto Hubby when I wasn't around.   If he wants it he'll have to paint it or pray I find him the steamer trunk to take it's place!  More on that later! 

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