Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Style Dilemma...Continued!

Last week, I read a great and  totally relatable article over at goop.  The article was about going Monday through Friday without pulling out what we all want to when we get dressed in the mornings...our comfy jeans.  From November to basically March that's what I'm in...forget putting on tights.  After all, who has time for that!  Gwen from work--I better not give her age because she would cobbler me--is in a dress come rain, sleet or snow, and I'll admit... she looks great!  I have told her time and time again, I don't think I've  see her in the same dress or skirt twice. But back to the point, during those winter months, Gwen will point out that I'm in a rut...hmmm!

So what did I do today, I read blogs on jeans.  Over at Tory Burch I caught this article on jeans.  And by the way, I love her pics on Pinterest and one day I'm going to join. 

And then, over at Keep It Chic I spotted this great blog "Barneys And Me" on how she styled white jeans.  Loved all three styles!  I especially loved a few of the beautiful bags (that are far out of my budget), but more on that later.   If Hubby doesn't get his bathroom soon and if I came home with one of those bags then. Hubby can't spot, much but he can spot a new purse!

So after work, I thought I would give these curvy white jeans (see Summer Style Dilemma)  from Talbots a go...Fingers Crossed!  And look at the price! (Cha-CHING!)

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