Monday, June 24, 2013

Hubby's Bathroom!

Tuesday Serious Decorating

OK, back to Hubby’s bathroom… here are a few of my thoughts and pics.  The nice thing about hubby’s bathroom is that it’s a decent size.  By far bigger than the master, which is mine?  I’m ripping everything out; down to the frame.  Though due to budget constraints the plumbing will stay where it is.  It’s fine; the layout is galley style and it works especially for just one person.

Hubby will  get a double sink, a new custom built-in tub, pretty white subway tiles, polished nickel fixtures,  nice detailed white molding, and a new low flush Kohler toilet (whether he wants it or not).  Also, a coffee bar so we can store our huge collection of Starbucks mugs.  I don’t have the heart to throw them away (if you only knew everything else that I tossed)!   The coffee bar will be good; he won’t have to track up and down the steps when he brings me my morning java…how sweet for him.  And finally he’ll get some very much needed nice new fluffy towels.   I have refused to spend one dime on this bathroom until the gutting process has begun.   If you could only see the shower liner.

 They only negative is that I can’t add a separate shower with seamless door. But, oh well, poor Hubby will have to make do!  For the sink, what I want is a double carrera marble vanity.   Also, I’ve not been able to decide on the floor.  The bathroom is nice size; I was thinking marble or travertine.  Again, the cost of marble…hmmm!  Since I’ve had a hard time deciding, I just broke down the other day and asked Hubby what he wanted.  I thought after all, it is his bathroom and he likes the penny tile, which I’ve used before, and he is in luck, I like it too! 

Here are the pics that I’ve already sent to Frank for pricing.  We’re getting there!!!
Hubby's bathroom has a nice big window at the end, just like here.  I suggested to Frank that one of the closets in Hubby's bathroom that  we could turn into the coffee bar.  Using this pic as an example. 
I saw this bathroom here in Atlanta on a home tour.  I loved everything about it!  For Hubby's bathroom I'm going to have Frank do the molding like theirs above the double vanity. Pic from Atlanta Home's & Lifestyles

 Since I can't do a freestanding tub, I'm going to have Frank do a more custom look like this one here.
Love this bathroom by Gil Schafer "The Great American House".

Oh, my absolute favorite bathroom by Michael Smith. I spent Sat. night and Sun. morning ahhhing over Michael's Kitchen & Baths & Gil's The Great American House!  More on this later!

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