Sunday, June 9, 2013

Controlling The Chaos!

Last fall I started the process of tackling our garage, laundry & mud room.  Much needed in our house, we're extremely short on storage!!! I was looking for my mud room to act as a butler’s pantry: store all my flower vases, canning jars, hurricane lamps, basically all the left over spillage from the kitchen.  Also, I wanted the mudroom as a place to store my old wicker furniture (I refuse to throw it out), a place to store Ellie’s rain jackets, leashes, and all her doggie-gear, and a place to hang our coats when we come in.    Everyone said “Don’t spend money on your garage, laundry & mud room… it’s just a garage”. Nope...not for me.  It’s the first place  I see when I come home. My plans were easy!  
For Frank: 
1.         Scrape garage ceiling (dated ugly star pattern)
2.        Paint garage & ceiling
3.        Install clap board in hall (which is leads from garage to kitchen). Both on the walls & ceiling
4.        Remove ugly oak cabinets from mudroom
5.        Install clap board in mud room ceilings and walls
6.        Hide ugly hot water heater in mud room
7.        Install clap board in laundry room to ceiling & walls
8.        Install  sink to laundry room
9.        Change out all lighting in mud & laundry room and hall.
10.     Install brick pavers throughout

My Plan for Hubby and me (Mostly moi) was this:
1.        Price wood etc.
2.        Pick out paint, lighting
3.        Find brick pavers (not easy to find)
4.        Power wash garage floor – remove oil stains
5.        Shop for shelving, hutch, baskets etc.
6.        Organize, Organize, Organize

Here are the  pics that I sent to Frank.

Love this Mud Room!  Pics above & below The Great American House (Best book I bought last year) by  Gil Schafer

Martha - Love the color, colored knobs  &
the shelf wrapped around

Martha - Love this--perfect for my garden gear!


Southern Living - I saw this showcase house a few years ago... love the cabinets, tile, & sink!! Perfect place to store my flower vases etc!

I saw this home a few years ago on a home tour...absolutely loved it!  As soon as you walk into the foyer are the brick pavers.  I've wanted them ever since.  Pic from Atlanta Homes

More on Controlling The Chasos...later!

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