Sunday, June 23, 2013

Controlling the Chaos Part 3!

Monday -  Getting Organized
 Okay, I know you’re about tired of me talking about my garage, laundry & mud room.  BUT…just one more thing…I promise! I’ve been thinking about these shelves from IKEA here lately. My original plan was to find an old hutch, but now I’m thinking the money would be better spent on other things…they can be pricey!    My friend Colleen, when redoing her kitchen, used these shelves for her pantry (from IKEA).  When she gave me a tour of her new remolded kitchen this past Christmas, she had to kick me out of her pantry. I was like a kid in a candy store…loved it!  Since my pantry is so small, I’m thinking I may extend it into my mud room, by using a few of these shelves.  Perfect to store canning jars and junk. I like the untreated pine too! 

Next time, I’m heading upstairs to tackle my office and Hubbies office…this won’t be pretty!

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