Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Loving "Old Charleston Green"!!

This past December, Hubby, Ellie and I went to Charleston for a quick little holiday. Once we arrived we got started doing what we like to do most--simply walking the neighborhoods. We wanted to show little Ellie where we once lived a million years ago. Hubby and I lived in Charleston briefly, and I’m familiar with the 'Charleston single' homes, the neighborhoods, and the unique charm. This particular trip the thing that kept jumping out at me was the black shutter paint on the homes. I attribute this to the fact that I had painting to finish up at home. I had been looking for just the right black, with a little hint of green in it. I didn't know much more about the color and wanted to find out more.

I had just purchased the Brompton bag in rain forest green before leaving for Charleston. I bought my own Christmas present early. Now I normally never shop while on vacation, especially in stores that are here in Atlanta,but I happened to pop into J.Crew just to see if my bag had been marked down some more. I could not help but notice that their back wall was painted the same color black as all the shutters and doors that I loved. Here’s my chance, The sales assistant called it 'Charleston Green' and she thought it was a Sherwin Williams color.  That was enough to get me started. So back at the B&B I started googling.

Here’s what I found out…Garden &Gun had a nice article on Historic Charleston Green…check it out here. Now this is something I never knew! After the Civil War, the Union troops would send gallons of buckets of dreary funeral black paint and the Charlestonians would add green and yellow paint to it. I started wondering if I had actually ever lived in Charleston at all! I didn't know that...

I called Sherwin Williams on 472 Meeting Street. The nice gentlemen who answered said there were in fact three colors--'Historic Charleston Green', 'New Charleston Green', and 'Old Charleston Green'. He thought Old Charleston Green was the one that I was most interested in, after I describe to him the black shutters and the doors that I had seen. He also added that Old Charleston Green was a special mix (blue & deep gold - which casts a green tint) and not on their color chart.  To be on the safe side, it's best to call them--843- 853-6725. Trust me, the perfect, perfect, perfect black…Old Charleston Green!

Next time Belle Meade Green!.

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