Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hubby's In The Laundry Room!

I bought a few new bath towels last week and there staring me in the face was a sign that said “Wash in warm water”.  Hum...Hubby has always washed the towels in cold water and has berated me for washing them in warm water.  Do I dare say anything to him?  The back story is Hubby has always done the laundry even before we were married.  It’s something his mother taught him early on in life.  Way before taking off for college when most young adults learn.  While in college Hubby would leave the LSU campus and hit his Mamere’s house in New Orleans. And it was not to grab a few free Po-boy sandwiches, but to do his laundry. So when we hooked up while in college…guess who did all the laundry? He was the one who would even hit the dreadful laundramats!!  For a young lady, not too interested in doing laundry, indeed a guy worth keeping around…Don’t you think?

Oh sure, a few cashmere sweaters have been sacrificed here and there.  Had a few whites t-shirts come out of the dryer pink (I think he washed them with Ellie’s red blanket). Lost a few pairs of jeans that were shrunk….but who’s counting? Here’s the best part, Hubby does the sheets…every Saturday our cleaning day.  The bed may not be made until 10:00 at night but after all, again, who's counting? Not me! I don’t go to bed until 10:30.
All in all, I think doing the laundry is a little decompressing for the Hubby, kind of like me doing the floors—see " It's Not Too Late for Some Spring Cleaning". So after all, I guess it’s up to me to make sure Hubby has a nice laundry room, don’t you think? 

Next time Hubby's in the....Continued!

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