Monday, June 17, 2013

A Truly Impeccable Farmhouse in Senoia

Last fall, Thanksgiving weekend to be exact  the Hubby, the Mother-in-law and I ventured down south to Senoia, Ga. Our purpose, other then to escape the leaves in my yard, to see the 2012 Southern Living Idea Farmhouse.  The quintessential 1830's farmhouse had just been decorated for Christmas. So most of my pics are on my old phone which Hubby didn't back up...err!  I loved everything about the farmhouse! A few of the pics below are just a few of my favorites. Here you go!

2012 Idea Farmhouse in Senoia, Ga.  A nice wraparound porch with the perfect black shutter and door paint. I tried to decipher this one too - see Loving "Old Charleston Green"!

You walk into a light and airy foyer with burlap draperies (which I'll talk more on - later) and schoolhouse lighting (which I just used in my mud and laundry room). I love all the vintage painted chairs throughout the house. 

Walking up the steps you have this wonderful wall gallery. I love the fact they used different frames and different sizes. It looks like a true collection over time. I want to do this but I'm always nervous that it won't turn out!

Here is one of my favorite areas!  A cozy little nook under the stairs, love the old chest and the small collection of trophy cups.

As you walk into the farmhouse, to the right is the living room (above).  I loved the fact that they used rustic pieces such as the table above mixed with new pieces like the sofas.  And it is done throughout the house.

 Here's the kitchen, which is off the living room that you just saw. 

The dining room--love the overscaled lantern and the wing chairs.  For Christmas, they had swapped out the benches with chairs. Speaking of Christmas, I loved the subtle decorating they did.

Here's the master bedroom, which is on the main floor.  Love the antler grouping.

Here's the master bathroom.  I don't think I have to say anything!

Here is one of the guest bathrooms. I love the vintage green painted table mixed with a modern sink.  For the grout they used a charcoal color.  Which I wish  I would have done for my bathroom see Ahhh Kohler... A Bathroom for Me!

Love this bathroom too! Love the ledge (wish Frank would had made mine a little wider).  Also, love the over scaled mirror propped up in the window.

Here is the side porch located just off the dining room. I love the pale blue painted ceilings and how they carried out pale blue with the pillows. A perfect place to go relax and sip a little wine.

The End

I told you I loved everything, and all the pics above are just a few of my favorites - For a full tour and all the details go to Southern Living...You'll love it!  I know I did!!

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