Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time Hostess Gifts

Can you believe I’m not even hosting Father’s Day this coming Sunday.  Is that awful of me or what?  Hubby thought I had a little too much on my plate and jumped at his Mother’s invite to go to her house to grill.  Which has me thinking about a few Summertime hostess gifts?  So this is what I came up with…hope you like.

While reading my House and  Home I spotted this cute vintage pot. The only thing you have to do is add an herb (here they used oregano) and you’re done. How easy is that?  Since my mother-in-law has retired she has been dabbling with herbs and has often added that I should do the same thing.

Sine I’m on an herb theme, why not try a tomato candle from Crate & Barrel.  Perfect for the garden hostess!

 Also I’ve had my eye on these beautiful linen towels from Wisteria…perfect hostess gift! I want a set for myself!


On a quick side note, while at Crate and  Barrel a few weeks ago, I spoke with one of the sales ladies. She shared with me that whenever things would go on sale (there at the Crate) that she would purchase them.  And then she would simply add the items to her hostess baskets, which she kept in her extra bedroom.   She stated she was always ready!  Wouldn’t you love to be one of her recipients? I think I'll start my ready to grab hostess basket with the Star Wars Pancake Molds that we will obviously never use!

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