Monday, June 10, 2013


Frank ( see It's Not Too Late For Some Spring Cleaning )  sent me a text the week before last asking..."Ready to paint"?   I should explain a little something about Frank.  He's a little impromptu and not the most organized person I ever met. Memories of last year lingered when I scheduled him to do my garage, laundry and mud room in July and  he showed up in Oct.  I instantly sent him a text back (he only communicates by text)  and said "yes of course".  
So last Monday I zoomed into Sherwin Williams to finalized my paint choices.  After showing the nice gentlemen what I wanted with my picture in tow (see Help... I Have a House to Paint ), he  thought my choices ,Sail Cloth for the brick, and  Silhouette for the shutters were good.  And  then he showed me Silvermist if I wanted to paint the door. I left very happy!
Come last Friday, I was trying to organize my thumb stick with a zillion pictures on it and came across this picture below. Here You it! I have to text the picture to Frank (he works best with visuals) to show him want I want. And I'm heading back to the paint store just to really finalize my choices and decipher this pic!  I'm liking this door color better!  Now if I only had that slate I left  in Nashville! 

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Must paint my door that color. As you know, my house is white with black shutters so this is perfect!!